Link Twin Game Walkthrough

       Link Twin is an exciting and stylistish puzzle game developed by Carbon Incubator SRL. This delightful interactive game requires you to guide the two twin characters through through their journey. The players must utilize their surroundings and the environment to make it through till the end. The goal is simply to guide the twin siblings named Tom and Lily through the mysterious world of puzzles as they search for their lost parents. The game is as compelling as it is stylish. It features a unique soundtrack and unique art and visuals.

     The gameplay is simple, you swipe the screen in the direction you wish Tom and Lily to move accordingly. In any case, you must keep them on course and not too far apart from each other. Their safety requires that they always be no more than just a few steps apart from one another. The mysterious siblings have an unbreakable connection, and it will be your duty to guide them through the tricky landscapes and mind-bending puzzles as you discover the secret behind their solemn relation. The game’s beautifully crafted and features nicely created designs. It requires the player to draw upon basic strategies as you must manipulate objects and discover secrets within the surrounding environment in order for them to progress in their journey.

      Link Twin is an exciting and stylistic puzzle game with fresh mechanics, visually stunning art and a haunting soundtrack. The game features 5 chapters among 100 levels. You make the siblings move by simply swiping while you also use the given environment and interactive objects to manipulate their position and find the only existing exit. The game combines the graphic simplicity with mechanical complexity, performed to deliver a gorgeously minimalist gameplay. The game will take you on an emotional navigation through a world of mystery, where Tom and Lily will uncover compelling secrets and solve difficult puzzles.

If you get stuck in the game, rely on the following video walkthrough for all the 100 levels of the game:

Click on the following icons to dowload the game on both available platforms:

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