Line Maze Puzzle Walkthrough, Answers and Solutions to all levels. This game is created by Gameindy for both iOS and Android devices and comes as a free download. If you’re stuck on a particular level then use our walkthrough cheat game guide below for the answers. Line Maze is a creative puzzle game which will test your brain as you try and complete over 1000 levels. Perfect for lovers of 2048 and Sudoku.

If you own an iPad, iPod, IPhone or Android device then check out your App Store whether it be the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and download this game for free. Whether you’re stuck in a particular level or can’t progress any further in the game then use our walkthrough guide below to get your way out of those sticky situations.

Line Maze Puzzle Solutions All Levels

Line Maze Puzzle Walkthrough Part 1:

Line Maze Puzzle Walkthrough Part 2: