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Letterpad: Free Word Puzzles Answers, Cheats and Solutions for all levels. We’ve got you covered with all the latest answers from this hit puzzle game Letterpad which is developed by NimbleBit. Don’t have Letterpad yet? Check it out in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store now for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free.

You’re just here for the answers? Lets get straight into it then with all the answers, cheats and solutions to the LetterPad: Word Puzzle.

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Letterpad Answers:

Level 1 LIGHTHOUSE beam, light, emit, gale, lit, gleam
Level 2 FAST FOOD fast, fries, fat, soda, fried, roasted, side, diet, eat, ate
Level 3 PICNIC food, ants, date, sand, sat, eat
Level 4 CASTLE stone, old, moat, damsel, masoned, mead, meats, mold, slate, ale
Level 5 CITY street, cars, streetcar, terrace, career, rats, erect, arts
Level 6 OCEAN fish, coral, sailor, orca, roil, sail, shoal
Level 7 BEACH sand, waves, wind, views, wade, dive, sea, isle, seal, sail, island
Level 8 FOREST tree, fern, green, pine, fire, fir
Level 9 COOKING cook, flour, food, cool, curd, duck, fold, fork
Level 10 MOVIES romance, scream, actor, star, cam, act, monster, cameo, cast, censor, costar, oscar, rate, snore, arts, seat, can, set, score
Level 11 HOUSE yard, room, bedroom, dayroom, abode, adobe, board, door, dream, roomy, beam, bed
Level 12 SPORTS argue, brag, gear, grab, race, run, car, ace, fan, fun, ref, bag, bar
Level 13 GAMES play, dice, card, player, replay, race
Level 14 RAINFOREST vine, mist, ant, ape, native, nest, peat, vast, sap
Level 15 FLYING air, plane, aileron, plan, aisle, soar, spin, nap, nose, noise
Level 16 FARM barn, pig, hay, grain
Level 17 SCHOOL tutor, read, test, seat, date, start, art, dues, trade, state
Level 18 VACATION hotel, towel, tour, shower, hostel, house, show, route, shore, short
Level 19 PARTY music, dance, ice, names, dim, mic, am
Level 20 ZOO lion, sealion, bear, albino, learn, line, boar, bison, born, bars, boa, seal, raise
Level 21 TRAIN track, car, seat, time, steam, stack
Level 22 JUNGLE gorilla, log, leaf, frog, foliage, flora, feral, fog, life
Level 23 DESERT hot, dry, sand
Level 24 WINTER ice, snow, cold, sled, wind, noel
Level 25 BIRDS egg, nest, twig, song, wings, noise, sing, snow, note
Level 26 DOCTOR dr, drug, shot, cough, ouch, touch, gout, hurts, doc, gut, cut
Level 27 MUSIC note, tempo, tenor, tone, horn, mute, tune, hum
Level 28 ROBOTS droid, android, drive, drone, invade, diode
Level 29 ART paint, draw, pen, painter, print, trained, pad
Level 30 PLANTS dirt, roots, stem, mist, rot, moist, mites, trim, die, odor, rose
Level 31 MONEY cash, coin, atm, casino, mint, cost
Level 32 MORNING sunrise, sun, tired, run, dress, stir, rise
Level 33 MUSEUM history, tour, art
Level 34 KIDS love, hug, fed, loud, glue, feud, hold
Level 35 PETS fur, cat, train, stain, antics, frantic, fart, runt, fat, run, scat, sit, rat
Level 36 TELEVISION episode, espn, news, new, noise, on, seen
Level 37 SCIENCE lab, test, coat, tablet, bottle, set, table, total, blast, state, base, scale
Level 38 SPACE orbit, star, orion, abort, boost, train, oort
Level 39 ZOMBIES brain, rot, eat, ate, bite, bone, bait, groan, tearing, triage, organ, grab, gore
Level 40 DRAGONS egg, fire, fly, flee, fry

Level 41 CARS shift, start, seat, tires, fast, air, first, heat
Level 42 BOOKS paper, page, read, word
Level 43 BURGERS meat, bun, eat, bacon
Level 44 MINING dig, dark, gem, dirt, grit, grime, gear, dim
Level 45 BLUE mood, sky, moon, man, monday, sad
Level 47 ALIENS ufo, abduct, lab
Level 48 NIGHT star, dark, owl, rat
Level 49 GREEN horn, roof, moss, moor, room
Level 50 BREAKFAST salt, egg, toast, latte, tea, taste, eat, oats
Level 51 FASHION cloth, color, cut, clothe, eco, cool, cute, hot, hue, touch
Level 52 BATHTIME soap, suds, soak, duck
Level 53 COOKIE jar, sugar, bake
Level 54 JAIL cons, bars, bird, arson, narc, radio, basin, bonds, drab, bad, iron, raid, rob, sad, sob
Level 55 COFFEE dark, brew, bean, brown, work, wake, dawn, weak, brand, break
Level 56 CHOCOLATE cocoa, bar, dark
Level 57 SWEET heart, sugar, tart, taste, treat, eat
Level 58 SNOW flake, ball, man, bank, fall
Level 59 LAKE boat, house, shore, bathe, tube
Level 60 PIRATES ship, shot, isle, tale, hostile, pistol, topsail, sail, lash, steal, spit, hoist, oath, ale, hat, hilt, salt, sea
Level 61 NINJA sneak, smoke, fast, mask, foe
Level 62 VIKING axe, hall, hull, sea, skull, ale
Level 63 WITCHCRAFT spell, brew, webs, herbs
Level 64 CAMPING tent, tree, beans, bear, eat, star, ants, bats
Level 65 HONEY bee, comb, tea, babe
Level 66 CAT paw, pet, purr, fur, eat, water, fat, rat
Level 67 DOG bark, bone, run, fur
Level 68 CALENDAR year, week, day, may, weekday, mark, wed, mar
Level 69 GARDEN veg, gate, tree, grow, row, water, eat, rot, tea
Level 70 SLEEP bed, snore, snug, sound, robe, nod
Level 71 ASTRONAUT float, sun, aloft, solar, lunar, far, star
Level 72 FISHING lure, worm, lake, row, meal, oar
Level 73 BASEBALL strike, safe, bat, era, fast, rbi, first, base, tie, ab
Level 74 SUPERBOWL snack, sack, td, tv, ad, ran, dvr, star
Level 75 DINNER course, set, soup, roast, capers, sauce, cut, catsup, pot, pour, tacos, port, cater, pesto, seat, eat, peas
Level 76 ROAD TRIP bored, road, break, car, drove, broke, rv
Level 77 HYGIENE wash, bath, bathe, brush, tub, water, washtub, sweat, warts, ears, swab, tush
Level 78 SHOES heel, sole, shoelace, sale, toe, closet, cleat
Level 79 AUTUMN fall, leaf, chill, chai, fire, hail, ale
Level 80 SUMMER bbq, beach, heat, hat, ac, babe, hot

Level 81 SPRING flower, thaw, flora, water, foal, leaf
Level 82 GOLD coin, mine, money, ore, ring, miner
Level 83 MOON rock, rocket, crater, dark
Level 84 DAY light, job, hot, bright, big
Level 85 MOTORCYCLE bike, tire, fuel, biker, filter, trike
Level 86 SHIP port, rope, deck, dock, creak, trade, rat, crate, ark
Level 87 ALASKA cold, oil, ice, sled, elk, wild
Level 88 HAIR cut, style, curl, dye, dry, lustre, cute, red
Level 89 CRUISE buffet, fed, sea, stuffed, feast, staff, bed, aft, eat, bet
Level 90 COMPUTERS cpu, ram, os, rom, mouse, mac, pc, user
Level 91 ROSES red, stem, bud, bug, rust, bed
Level 92 WALK mile, shoe, long, legs, insole
Level 93 TOYS bat, ball, doll, car, dart, boat
Level 94 HORSES ride, feed, bit, pet, bet, breed, bite, tie
Level 95 RAIN drop, pour, flood, drip, fluid, loud
Level 96 JOB temp, time, pay, day, dream, trip, dirty
Level 97 PIE apple, slice, piece
Level 98 PHONE cell, ring, call, car, line, ear
Level 99 RESTAURANT eat, out, menu, item, tip, patio, open, pie, meat, tea
Level 100 INTERNET cats, ads, videos, site, vices, date
Level 101 STUDY cram, read, tired, tip, time, card, date, camp, idea, paid
Level 102 MAGIC trick, act, hat, card, hand, hint, dark, tank, chain
Level 103 CANDY crush, corn, cane, rush, crash, sour
Level 104 ROCK (MUSIC) roll, jam, radio, idol, limo, road
Level 105 CAMERA lens, snap, strap, stop, pan, set, store, tape, plate, person
Level 106 ROMANCE date, heart, her, rose, prose, read, adore, hope, share, star, stared, dear, heat, eat, poet
Level 107 CORN chip, maze, maize, cream, ear
Level 108 MOUNTAIN goat, peak, slope, top, alps
Level 109 TRUCKER stop, load, cab, cb, cap
Level 110 FROG hop, leap, leg, race, log
Level 111 WHALE blue, sea, song, beluga
Level 112 YELLOW bus, bee, belly, sun, sub
Level 113 BLACK ice, eye, bird, bear, beard
Level 114 WHITE flag, out, cloud, fog
Level 115 RED hot, card, rose, coats, heart, code, head
Level 116 WOOD grain, hard, sand, nail, ash, ring
Level 117 BUSINESS suit, car, card, trip, tip, audit, paid
Level 118 GROCERY bags, cart, list
Level 119 PARK dog, grass, sit, dirt
Level 120 MARS red, rover, rock, rocket

Level 121 PIANO key, grand, bar
Level 122 SOCCER ball, goal, foul, fan, flag, global
Level 123 GOLF club, cup, putt, trap, clap, par, cart
Level 124 MALL rats, store, sale, shop, steal, eat
Level 125 RODEO horse, horn, rope, pen, ride, herd, reins
Level 131 ICE cube, cave, cream, carve, tea
Level 132 BEE hive, honey, drone
Level 133 PIG slop, pen, pink, oink, pork, loin, iron, nose, skin
Level 134 APPLE tree, green, red, seed, stem
Level 135 TEA cream, leaf, cake, ice, meal, milk, earl, make
Level 136 BUGS ant, gnat, tick, stick, tiny, sting, stink, icky, nit
Level 137 BOWLING lane, pin, ball, win
Level 139 EXERCISE lift, spin, run, sprint, situp, fit, tip
Level 140 SURFING board, wave, water, wade, wet, rode, bro, tow
Level 142 DISNEYLAND parade, park, ride, pay, kid, day
Level 143 FACEBOOK post, photo, tag, page, pets
Level 144 TWITTER rt, tweet, trend, at, read, rant
Level 145 BATTERY aa, aaa, c, d, charge, dc, car
Level 152 TENNIS ace, racket, court, out, run, tour, net, rank
Level 153 YOUTUBE watch, channel, cat, new
Level 154 HALLOWEEN night, ghost, fright
Level 155 4TH OF JULY boom, food, dog, cook
Level 156 CHRISTMAS tree, fire, feast, gift, figs, eat, greet, star
Level 157 EASTER egg, hide, ham, eat, hat
Level 158 ST. PATRICK’S irish, charm, bar, march
Level 159 VALENTINE’S DAY cherub, heart, card, red, date, care, dear
Level 160 LAS VEGAS cash, casino, show, hot, action, town, win, coin, hit, sit, act, sin

Level 161 STOCK MARKET ticker, pick, tip, sec, up, price, put, risk
Level 162 HOCKEY puck, ice, stick, hit, setup, upset, cup, push, cut
Level 163 BASKETBALL jump, jam, tip, time, palm, team
Level 165 QUILTING sew, cut, piece, tie, tip, sit
Level 166 HAWAII luau, surf, lei, sail, sea, isle
Level 167 CANADA maple, leaf, bear, lake, park, elk
Level 168 BREAD toast, flat, pita, loaf, oats
Level 169 ITALY vino, milan, rome, rail, amore, olive, oil, vine, meal, verona
Level 170 FRUIT peach, pear, cherry, berry
Level 171 PIZZA sauce, slice, crust, cut, eat
Level 172 VEGGIES corn, okra, root, cook, taro, carrot
Level 173 WEATHER cloud, cold, hot, drought
Level 174 US STATES idaho, iowa, ohio, utah
Level 175 BODY tibia, rib, brain, heart, ear, retina, hair, heat
Level 176 FLOWERS lily, lilac, daisy, calla
Level 177 GEOMETRY side, face, cone, sine, cosine
Level 178 TOOLS pliers, rasp, vise, rule, pail
Level 179 SCUBA tank, mask, gas, sea, wet
Level 180 CLOTHING shirt, skirt, suit, tie, hat, sari
Level 181 SUBMARINE dive, fin, ping, deep, pen
Level 182 PYRAMIDS tomb, rob, stone, tour, sun
Level 183 EMOTIONS mad, sad, shame, shy, envy
Level 184 VOLLEYBALL spike, side, sand, hand, spin, skin
Level 185 COLOR red, gold, grey, rose, solid, dye
Level 186 METAL iron, tin, zinc, rust, coin
Level 187 TRANSPORTATION bus, sub, boat, car, tram, cart, auto, cab
Level 188 HOT TUB jets, seat, soak, sit, steam
Level 189 STARBUCKS venti, cafe, line, caf, ice, tea
Level 190 RACING sprint, stripe, line, mile, time, tire, pit
Level 191 DUCKS beak, drake, feed, lake, bread
Level 192 BICYCLE chain, seat, tire, race
Level 193 EARTH planet, land, sea, day, plants
Level 194 ANIMALS seal, flea, fox, ox, clam, mole, camel, foal, calf
Level 195 KITCHEN fridge, food, ice, rice, dice, fire
Level 196 CAMPFIRE smoke, cook, wood
Level 197 SKATEBOARDING rail, grind, grab, ride, air, bail, lean
Level 198 BURRITO cream, bean, meat, rice, eat
Level 199 BARBER cut, chair, hair, chat, clip, haircut, tip
Level 200 HIKING trail, mile, map, water, trip

Level 201 POTTERY clay, glaze, heat
Level 202 AQUARIUM tank, net, plant, algae, leak
Level 203 SNAKES coil, cobra, scale, coral, sea, boa
Level 204 SURGERY clamp, scalpel, staple, plate, metal, set, cap, lamp
Level 205 BAR tab, seat, darts, tavern, tv, eat, bartend, band
Level 206 ICE SKATING blade, glide, ice, cold, lace, leg
Level 207 DENTIST spit, cavity, pain, cap, sit
Level 208 ARMY camp, march, rank, map, tank
Level 209 COURT case, sue, law, lose, won, counsel
Level 210 DRUM beat, stick, set, bass, kit, seat
Level 211 DINOSAUR bone, horn, era, roar, rex
Level 212 CHESS king, pawn, win, knight
Level 213 CATTLE ranch, herd, head, pen, brand, barn, bred, car
Level 214 CHEESE aged, rind, brie, brine, dairy
Level 215 SHEEP wool, lamb, black
Level 216 BRICK red, house, hard, set, dust, road
Level 217 CANNON ball, fire, bore
Level 218 GRAPE jam, juice, wine
Level 219 OWLS flight, silent, night, sight, nest
Level 220 BED sheet, sleep, post, sore, rest
Level 221 KITE fly, sky, tail, air
Level 222 SQUIRREL nut, tree, gray
Level 223 SOUP can, spoon, stock, cook, pot
Level 224 BUBBLE pop, soap, wand, wrap
Level 225 ALARM bell, loud, sound
Level 226 DEER doe, tick, buck
Level 227 SHAPES star, triangle
Level 228 COLORS yellow, white
Level 229 NUMBERS five, seven, ten, six, sixteen
Level 230 WEEKDAYS monday, friday
Level 231 SODA pop, can, cola, coke
Level 232 GUITAR pick, neck, case, axe
Level 233 JEANS blue, denim, levi
Level 234 CHERRY pit, pie, stem, red, tree, ripe
Level 235 BEAR den, cub, claw
Level 236 ICE CREAM cone, cold, scoop, spoon
Level 237 GLASS pane, eye, break
Level 238 CONSTRUCTION plans, span, nail, site, tile, plank
Level 239 MATCH head, fire, lit, heat
Level 240 MAIL stamp, post, box, man

Level 241 LIBRARY read, card, due, study
Level 242 POTATO chip, fry, eye
Level 243 ONION skin, ring, cry, stink
Level 244 CLEAR SKY cloudless
Level 246 PANCAKES syrup, stack
Level 247 TREE root, bark, wood, oak
Level 248 WATER table, lake, park, tank, leak, tap

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