LetterCraft: A Word Game (Review and Cheats)

Want to experience a whole new guessing game? Well check out LetterCraft (Download Link Below). This game has changed all boring word guessing games as this is a fun and innovative game that will challenge that brain of yours to the max. LetterCraft is available to download on ALL iPhones, iPads, iPods and most Android Devices now FREE of charge.

Now what’s all the hype about? Well LetterCraft gives you an objective and a board full of random letters, It’s your job to make as many words as you can and to keep that objective you’ve been given in mind. In level 1 you are given the objective to make as many words as you can which include the letter ‘A’ in it. Now you may think this is easy but think again. You will need to race against the time before all the letters expire and you’re left with zilch.

The more times you use a letter the longer that square stays active, The longer the word the better as this will keep as many boxes as possible active, Giving you a greater chance of gaining a high score. Now this is a challenging game and you will certainly having difficulties playing it. (We sure did).

A few tips to help a newbie. Try to get you’re word as long as possible as this insures the box stays active and usable for longer and be sure to have no distractions around you while you play. Still need help? Google ‘All words with the letter A in them’ (For level 1) and this will give you a few tips on retrying the level.

Though if you’re a super wizz and ace the first level with ease, We congratulate you and say good luck on level 2 :).
Now enjoy and tell us you’re thoughts on the game below, Good luck and Enjoy!


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