Letter Lock Answers and Cheats All Levels

Here’s the Letter Lock by PuzzleStars Answers for all levels? We’ve solved all the Letter Lock Cheats and Solutions to bring you this full walkthrough game guide which will help you complete this fun word game created by CandyWriter. You can download this game for both iOS and Android devices, Free. You may know them from the game ‘Letter Soup’ and many other addicting trivia games but now they’ve come back with something truly special. Spin the lock dials and use each letter to form the correct word and unlock that pesky lock.

Got an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device? Simply head right on over to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and pick up this game for free. Whether you’re in need of one answer or many answers, This game guide below will help you get the answers and solutions you need to help progress and beat this game that’s smashing app store charts.

Letter Lock Answers All Levels

Letter Lock Padlock Pack

#1: Bee, Dog, Cat
#2: Lin, Bed, Rat
#3: Fan, Pep, Cow
#4: Fit, Fun, Bow, Mow

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