League Of Guessing Answers and Cheats All Levels

Today we bring you the League Of Guessing Answers, Cheats and Solutions for a full walkthrough of this addicting Leagues of Legends quiz game that’s available for iOS and Android devices for free. This game is created by PinchPoint Inc and can be picked up on the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store for your iPhone ,iPad, iPod  or android devices.

How much do you know about Leagues of Legends? The game has two modes, a single player mode where the player gain IP for guessing Champions, IP can be changed for keys. Each Champion starts with 1 unlocked skill. You can unlock the other 3 skills with keys. Here’s the League Of Guessing Walkthrough, Solutions, Answers and Cheats for All levels and Packs for iOS and android.

League Of Guessing Walkthrough:

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