Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Wouldn’t be an app site without the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app. If your addicted to this game you’ve arrived at the perfect place. Below are some tips, cheats, hacks and glitches to the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app.

This game is available both on Android and iPod, iPhone and iPad, Grab it now if you haven’t already. Lets jump right into it with some tips:

  • Tip 1: If you don’t have enough star power yo complete a mission, you can make some money by working from the So Trendy outlet store, Work is basic and easy. The longer the shift the more cash and experience you make, So stick in there.
  • Tip 2: New clothes items will certainly either contribute to your star power or to your love power. Star power will certainly assist you network with individuals who are on a greater list while Love power will certainly assist you be able to date those on greater lists.
  • Tip 3: Invest a K coin in a conversation with somebody to use your beauty power on them.
  • Tip 4: Pick up everything and anything that you see you never know when it will be needed.
  • Tip 5: Due to the fact that any individual of them could be the next individual that will certainly assist you get additionally in your profession, talk to everybody.


Unlimited Extra Energy

If you were after a glitch of hack to fill your energy up faster you’ve found it, so stop looking. What you do is open up the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game and kill the app by double tapping the home screen and swiping it up. Next go to the settings app and then general then date & time, Turn off ‘Set Automatically’ and change the date to the following day. After doing this go back to your Kim Kardashian app and open it, However don’t let the game load, As soon as you see the title page with Kim on it, Immediently close the app. Go back to settings, general and date & time and turn ‘set automatically’ back on. Return to the game and play it for about 45 seconds then close and re-open, You will now have your energy bar refilled.


Changing Your Name

Ever wanted to know how to change your name? Well not to worry all you need to do is obviously open the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app and direct yourself to ‘Maria’s Office’ and click on her speech bubble, She will then ask you if you would like your name changed. However changing your name does come with a price such as losing 30% of your fan base or spend 30k stars and lose 0 fans.

More Kim Kardashian Cheats/Hacks/Glitches Coming Soon!

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