Kezako: Mystery Pic (Scimob) – All Answers and Cheats

Kezako: Mistery Pic by Scimob Answers, Cheats and Solutions. Kezako is a fun new puzzle game with a twist. In this game in order to reveal the picture/clue you will need to spin the wheel (Slighty Addictive), There are a few things you can land on such as extra coins, Extra Spins and of course one that will reveal a tile, Show you an up-close picture of the clue and one that will let you choose which tile to reveal, Once you know what the answer is, Put it in and ding ding you’re onto the next level.

Right now Kezako: Mistery Pic is available to download for FREE from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device.


We all know the way Scimob works so in order for us to give you the answers to Kezako we will need to be smart, Due to languages and messing with us all the answers are in different orders for everyone. Below is the option of possible five lists of answers you can have and in those pages is the answers listed by length. You will need to check your game and see how many boxes are available then come back here and try to match it up, Sorry, This is the best we can do. (You have an idea on how to improve this? Tell us below)

Kezako: Mistery Pic Answers

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Please check each list out!

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