Kendall and Kylie Friend Code Share

Kendall and Kylie Friend Code Share page. The biggest and newest game to hit the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Play Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner as you become the new up and coming star on a crazy new adventure, It’s your game so make the most of it. You can be whoever you want to be or be someone down right crazy, Choosing from hundreds of the latest styles while being able to share customize pictures of your digital self.

Now what’s the point of this page I hear you asking.. Here you can share your Game Center ID’s so you can grow your fan base or share your in-game codes to make a mark and increase your online following, You want to be famous right? So connect with friends or even strangers below and grow your crazy new adventurous life.

How to find your Game Center ID?

  1. Go to Game Center
  2. Click the ‘ME’ button
  3. Your username is above your points

Me tab Game Center


How to add someone on to Game Center?

  1. Go to Game Center
  2. Click the ‘Friends’ button
  3. Click the ‘+’ Symbol in the top right corner
  4. Enter their ID here and your optional message
  5. Click send, Wait for the other person to accept
  6. Add me ‘dylanando’










Once you’ve done this, You’re set to go, Hopefully we’ve provided a place where you can not only share codes but to get the latest answers and cheats to most games on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. So, Chuck a comment below and say HI, We’re a friendly bunch. See you around and good luck with the Kylie and Kendall game.


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