Jelly Jump by Ketchapp – New Craze? (Review and Cheats)

Jelly Jump is going to blow y’all mind. This is defiantly one you need to try. Ever been skeptical on downloading a game as it looks a little boring or couldn’t be bothered? Drop everything and check this one out now!

Jelly Jump is from the creators Ketchapp, The ones who brought us Flappy Birds, ZigZag and many more addicting yet simple games. Jelly Jump starts of with you watching as they make the Jelly cube right in front of your eyes, It’s almost like some kind of wizardry. You will then be taken to the main menu of the game. Nobody cares about anything else other than playing, So click play.

jelly jump by ketchapp

Now the fun begins, You are to tap the screen to jump your Jelly and make it to the platform above. Now don’t think it’s easy because it sounds easy, The platforms come out of different places and angles then the speed as which they come can drastically change. However we’ve only made it to level 19 shown in the picture we are not entirely sure what happens after, So if you make it past that please tell us below.

Jelly Jump - Ketchapp Highscore

If you are after another addicting game for your travels why not check it out? It’s fun, exciting and Free and you can pick it up in the App Store now! Enjoy and no problems ;).

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