Inchy – iOS Game – Review and Cheats

Inchy for iOS. Now we’re going to warn you, This game review is going to be a short one because we seriously just want you to play it NOW. Lets begin with the developer, Inchy was created by Apps4Life and is quite simply and simple game. This reminds us of the Ketchapp games but clearly a different developer.

Inchy is available for download on your iOS device such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and is a free download. However we must warn you, You will get ADDICTED.
You have one goal in this game and its to make the worm climb the tree branches as high as you can without, Well.. Splattering.

That’s about it, You can download the game below and try it out yourselves, However we think you may not get so far. Our score was a total of 4 :), And the creator of the game could only achieve 14. Now does that tell us something? Nah… Enjoy!

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