Hyper Maze Arcade – Review and Cheats

Heard of Hyper Maze Arcade? Now you have. Ever wanted to race your way through an ever ending maze? Pixel Heart’s new game allows you to do just that.  This game is crossed between fast paced and action packed fun and is sure to impress anyone who loves a mobile game with a bit of a challenge.

Hyper Maze Arcade is available on the iPhone/iPad and iPod on the iTunes App Store, And wait for it. Its FREE! Check it out now. We thought we’d add this disclaimer written by the developer that this game will NOT run on anything below the iPhone 4, And requires an iPad 2 or above and/or iPod Touch 5th Generation.

Are you ready to think fast, act quickly and test your skills and reflexes? Here’s some features of Hyper Maze Arcade:

  • Try to survive as long as possible
  • Use various power ups to get further
  • Let the music take you into a place of unknown
  • Enjoy 2 modes: Hyper and Minimal
  • Share your scores and see if your are the champion

You are to control a cube inside a moving maze, Simple and logical right? The cube will stop at an intersection and you are to choose the new destiny of this cube, Make sure your decisions a wise one as if you have chosen the wrong path the cube will go off screen and you will lose :(. Though if you have guessed the correct path the game will obviously continue and will become more challenging.

So basically this game is great fun and will be one of your favorites if you love to challenge yourself, Its a great puller outtera when waiting for the bus or train. Download it for yourself as its free and tell us what you think of it down below.

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