HQ Trivia Questions and Answers

HQ Trivia is a very popular quiz app in which you are rewarded cash prizes if you find the correct …

HQ Trivia is a very popular quiz app in which you are rewarded cash prizes if you find the correct answers. The reason why you are here is because you are looking for HQ Trivia Questions and Answers. Look no further because I have decided to update this page every single day with all HQ Trivia Questions and Answers. Please note that in here you will find the HQ Trivia questions after the game-show.

HQ Trivia Questions and Answers

    • With which three letters do the most country names end? – NIA
    • Which of these places has had the longest-reigning sovereign head of state? – THAILAND
    • What is the capital of the country with the world’s oldest working library? – PARIS
    • Which of these albums is the overall top seller by a solo female artist, as certified by RIAA? – COME ON OVER
    • Jackie Robinson played his minor league baseball home games in what city? – MONTREAL
    • Two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were located in which of these modern-day countries? – TURKEY
    • Which of these is mentioned last in the original “Law & Order” intro? – OFFENDERS
    • Which of these does NOT correctly pair a US president with a White House addition made during his term? – KENNEDY / ROSE GARDEN
    • Which of these international landmarks is located farthest north? – LEANING TOWER OF PISA
    • Which of these bands titled its debut album with just a number? – PEARL JAM
    • Mayday was the nickname of a character on what classic sitcom? – CHEERS
    • Which of these animals typically do NOT grow antlers? – FEMALE MOOSE
    • If the last day of a given month is a Saturday, the following month must contain which of these? – FRIDAY THE 13TH
    • What location holds the official record for the hottest place ever measured in the world? – DEATH VALLEY / CALIFORNIA
    • Which of these is designed to clean windows? – SQUEEGEE
    • Which of these characters is usually shown wearing shorts? – MICKEY MOUSE
    • According to an old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed,” you should do what? – TRY, TRY AGAIN
    • In the classic party game, on what animal do you pin the tail? – DONKEY
    • The lyric “dark side of the moon” is sung in what Pink Floyd song? – BRAIN DAMAGE
    • Which of these Triple Crown-winning horses ran the Kentucky Derby the fastest? – SEATTLE SLEW
    • Which of these disputed territories is NOT claimed by the nation of Georgia? – TRANSNISTRIA
    • Which of these words means the opposite of “deasil”? – WIDDERSHINS
    • The first moons discovered orbiting a planet other than Earth are known as what? – GALILEAN
    • The 2017 fantasy novel “The Dark Prophecy” is set in the same universe as what other novel? – THE LIGHTNING THIEF
    • For what object did “Time” magazine bend the rules for its “Person of the Year” award? – COMPUTER
    • When used as a slang term for money, how much is a “rack”? – $1000
    • The speed of sound is named for what Austrian physicist? – ERNST MACH
    • In what sport would you most likely use the term “bullseye”? – DARTS
    • Which of these statements appears in the famous “Sermon on the Mount” in the Bible? – BLESSED ARE THE MEEK
    • In which of these directions can most standard elevators travel? – UP
    • The company whose stock symbol is simply “V” mainly provides which of these? – FINANCIAL SERVICES
    • What colors dominate the flag of the world’s smallest nation? – YELLOW / WHITE
    • Which of these people served as vice president under the person on the US $50 bill? – HENRY WILSON
    • Which of these MLS soccer teams does NOT play its home games in the US? – IMPACT
    • By definition, if a Middle Eastern dish has dopiaza in its name, it will include what ingredient? – ONION
    • In which of these TV shows did the star NOT play a character with the same first name? – THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW
    • Which of these is a weapon in the classic version of the board game Clue? – WRENCH
    • What synonym for “evil” comes from an old term referring to the left-hand side? – SINISTER
    • Which phrase consists of two football terms AND describes an arrangement of pulleys? – BLOCK AND TACKLE
    • If planted properly, what kind of trees will acorns grow into? – OAKS
    • Modern automobiles typically run on which of these? – GASOLINE
    • Which of these kinds of chips would you use to make nachos? – TORTILLA
    • Which film has the same director as the concert movie that opens with the line, “Hi, I’ve got a tape I want to play”? – THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS
    • Which of these divisions of geologic time is the shortest? – AGE
    • What athlete has played in the championship games of both the NFL and MLB? – DEION SANDERS


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