“HOOK” for iOS Walkthrough and Cheats

“Hook” for iOS and Android Answers, Cheats, Solutions and FULL Walkthrough to this fun yet crazy addictive puzzle game which will burn those nasty hours of boredom. Developed by Maciej Targoni, Who also creates other puzzle games comes this game you simply won’t be able to put down. Being a game of puzzle, This means it’s hard, Very hard. We’ve got you covered with a FULL walkthrough of HOOK, Thanks to Marlook on YouTube.

The creator wanted a game which was simplistic yet calming, While having NO menus and NO Achievements “HOOK” is stripped down to it’s basics as it’s all about YOU and a puzzle. While backed with calming sounds and music this game ticks all the boxes.

Wondering where the cheats are? This is where you come in, Post anything you find, Whether it be a glitch or a hint in the comments section below, You’ll even be credited.

PRICE: US$0.99 FREE, For a limited time only!



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