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     Hocus. is a minimalistic illusion puzzle developed by gamebra.in. In Hocus you play as a small red cube that must traverse a wide variety of impossible geometries in order to get to a small red hole. Once you do, the releveant level will be completed and you’ll be able to move on to the next. There are a total of 120 mind-bending levels which may not sound like much, but it’s a good amount for the given price of $0.99 to buy the app. The developer has also announced that the game will throw more levels the following months.

      The player will surely appreciate what Hocus has to offer. The visuals are super minimalistic and shocking. The starting and ending points are clearly marked due to the bright red that contrasts well with the rest of the colors, while the animations are pretty smooth. The soundtrack is very calming, and the clicking sound effects are yet another nice addition. The goal in the game is to get the red cube into the red cutout located somewhere between the stage. The landscape will continuously change its perspective on you, depending on the way you move along. The game doesn’t limit your moves neither has a scoring system, so you can technically solve everything through try-and-error for as long as you want.

       The controls in Hocus are foremost simple and easy to understand. In order to move the cube along the path, you just have to swipe your finger in the direction you’d want it to go. At the top of the screen is located a black circle with some arrows as you must pay attention to the arrows, due to they indicate the directions that you can move in from your current position. If you are in a dead end spot, there will be no arrows shown, and you’ll have to get back to the beginning. In Hocus besides you aren’t able to rotate the structures, so you have to look carefully to see the paths that you should be taking in order to solve the puzzle.

      The puzzles are impressively diversified while also maintaining a unified visual. You can even create form scratch and share your own designed levels. Hocus is a fun, little puzzle game where even 5 five minutes of play are more than enough to enjoy your time. If you get stuck in the game watch the following video walkthrough and gameplay for the first 25 levels of the game:

Click below to download the game on your favorite system operator:


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