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Hi Guess the Food Facebook Answers

Hi Guess the Food for Facebook Answers, Cheats and Solutions. We’re doing something different and we’re providing the answers to the Hi Guess the Food for Facebook. There’s also a Hi Guess the Food game on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store and you can check those answers out here, However we’re here to give you all the answers to the Hi Guess the Food Facebook Answers, Cheats and Solutions.

Hi Guess the Food for Facebook are in different order compared to the mobile version and we’re the first and only site to offer you the complete list for Facebook, Let’s begin.

Hi Guess the Food Facebook Answers:

Level 1: Doritos
Level 2: Oreo
Level 3: Pepsi
Level 4: Arrowhead
Level 5: Cheetos
Level 6: Coca Cola
Level 7: Eclipse
Level 8: Goldfish
Level 9: KitKat
Level 10: Lipton

Level 11: Monster
Level 12: Skippy
Level 13: Skittles
Level 14: Dasani
Level 15: Heinz
Level 16: Hershey’s
Level 17: Naked
Level 18: Nesquik
Level 19: Nutella
Level 20: Quaker

Level 21: Snickers
Level 22: Sprite
Level 23: Stride
Level 24: Brussels
Level 25: Coffee-Mate
Level 26: Dr Pepper
Level 27: Fage
Level 28: Fanta
Level 29: Gatorade
Level 30: Jif

Level 31: Junior Mints
Level 32: Orbit
Level 33: Snapple
Level 34: Chips Ahoy!
Level 35: Doublemint
Level 36: Folgers
Level 37: Gerber
Level 38: Jack Links
Level 39: Lay’s
Level 40: Mirinda

Level 41: Red bull
Level 42: Ritz
Level 43: Ruffles
Level 44: Altoids
Level 45: Aquafina
Level 46: Cheerios
Level 47: Ferrero Rocher
Level 48: Izze
Level 49: Life Savers
Level 50: Nilla
Level 51: Planters
Level 52: Pringles
Level 53: Silk
Level 54: Breyers
Level 55: Cheez It
Level 56: Fritos
Level 57: Gevalia
Level 58: Kellogg’s
Level 59: We’re working on the rest, Help us below!

Check out the answers for the iOS and Android versions here.

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