Hi Guess the Basketball Star Cheats

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels. Hi Guess the Basketball Star  is created by Man Zhang, Who also brought us ‘Hi Guess’ and ‘Hi Words’. Hi Guess is a fun and addicting series of games which brings a whole new meaning to trivia games. The developer has a wide variety of game genres, Which can be of course answered here on AppCheating, and this time Hi Guess the Basketball Star is up for answering.

Hi Guess the Basketball Star can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Let’s jump straight into the Hi Guess the Basketball Star Answers, Cheats and Solutions.

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Answers:

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 1 Answers

Level 1-1: Kobe Bryant
Level 1-2: Lebron James
Level 1-3: Michael Jordan

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 2 Answers

Level 2-1: Carmelo Anthony
Level 2-2: Chris Paul
Level 2-3: Dwight Howard
Level 2-4: Dwyane Wade
Level 2-5: James Harden
Level 2-6: Kevin Durant
Level 2-7: Magic Johnson
Level 2-8: Marc Gasol
Level 2-9: Paul George
Level 2-10: Stephen Curry

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 3 Answers

Level 3-1: Bill Russell
Level 3-2: Chris Bosh
Level 3-3: Deron Williams
Level 3-4: Derrick Rose
Level 3-5: Dirk Nowitzki
Level 3-6: Pau Gasol
Level 3-7: Paul Pierce
Level 3-8: Roy Hibbert
Level 3-9: Tim Duncan
Level 3-10: Tony Parker

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 4 Answers

Level 4-1: Al Horford
Level 4-2: Andre Iguodala
Level 4-3: Brook Lopez
Level 4-4: David West
Level 4-5: Dennis Rodman
Level 4-6: Gerald Wallace
Level 4-7: Joakim Noah
Level 4-8: Josh Smith
Level 4-9: Karl Malone
Level 4-10: Zach Randolph

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 5 Answers

Level 5-1: Allen Iverson
Level 5-2: Carlos Boozer
Level 5-3: Jason Kidd
Level 5-4: Kevin Garnett
Level 5-5: Klay Thompson
Level 5-6: Larry Bird
Level 5-7: Michael Finley
Level 5-8: Ray Allen
Level 5-9: Steve Nash
Level 5-10: Vince Carter

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 6 Answers

Level 6-1: George Hill
Level 6-2: Harrison Barnes
Level 6-3: Jeff Green
Level 6-4: Joe Johnson
Level 6-5: Kawhi Leonard
Level 6-6: Nate Robinson
Level 6-7: Reggie Jackson
Level 6-8: Serge Ibaka
Level 6-9: Tracy Mcgrady
Level 6-10: Yao Ming

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 7 Answers

Level 7-1: Alonzo Mourning
Level 7-2: Danny Green
Level 7-3: George Mikan
Level 7-4: Jarrett Jack
Level 7-5: Jimmy Butler
Level 7-6: Kirk Hinrich
Level 7-7: Luol Deng
Level 7-8: Mike Conley
Level 7-9: Omer Asik
Level 7-10: Rasheed Wallace

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 8 Answers

Level 8-1: Charles Barkley
Level 8-2: Chris Webber
Level 8-3: Clyde Drexler
Level 8-4: Dolph Schayes
Level 8-5: Elgin Baylor
Level 8-6: Hakeem Olajuwon
Level 8-7: Raymond Felton
Level 8-8: Reggie Miller
Level 8-9: Steve Blake
Level 8-10: Ty Lawson

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 9 Answers

Level 9-1: Bob Cousy
Level 9-2: David Robinson
Level 9-3: George Gervin
Level 9-4: James Worthy
Level 9-5: Jerry West
Level 9-6: John Stockton
Level 9-7: Kevin Mchale
Level 9-8: Oscar Robertson
Level 9-9: Robert Parish
Level 9-10: Scottie Pippen

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 10 Answers

Level 10-1: Earl Monroe
Level 10-2: Elvin Hayes
Level 10-3: Grant Hill
Level 10-4: Hal Greer
Level 10-5: Isiah Thomas
Level 10-6: Jerry Lucas
Level 10-7: Julius Erving
Level 10-8: Lenny Wilkens
Level 10-9: Paul Arizin
Level 10-10: Wes Unseld

Hi Guess the Basketball Star Level 11 Answers

Level 11-1: Bill Sharman
Level 11-2: Bob Pettit
Level 11-3: Gary Payton
Level 11-4: John Havlicek
Level 11-5: Nate Archibald
Level 11-6: Patrick Ewing
Level 11-7: Pete Maravich
Level 11-8: Rick Barry
Level 11-9: Walt Frazier
Level 11-10: Willis Reed

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