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     Hexologic is a new Sudoku-like puzzle game developed by MYTHICOWL SP ZOO. Hexologic brings a whole new fun spin on the Sudoku-like rules. In this one, puzzles are played on hexagonal grids, which grow in size and in amount as the levels progress. Dots represent the numbers in each hexagon. Players must tap the hexagons to add the correct number of dots that equals the number shown at the edge of the grids. Even if it might sound a bit complicated, it’s actually not.

     The fascinating Sudoku-like gameplay creates a comfortable well-known feeling into Hexologic. The art is picturesque while the concept is inventive, and you’ll surely appreciate how polished the app is. The rule of the game is pretty simple and yet very inconceivable. You must simply enter the dots in the hexes so that they match the corresponding number. You are not allowed to put more than three dots so you’ll have to be smart to get them right.

     Although the game needs desperately more levels added, while playing the game ensures you remain encouraged to get through several levels with its outstanding atmospheric soundtracks. The relaxing music seamlessly complements the gameplay. As a result, you don’t seem to get bored after just several rounds. The sounds and music are more than relaxing, but they can also be turned off if the player desires. To complete the game players must solve more than 60 puzzles. In many cases, you may find them enough to keep you attached for hours, even though the concept of the game remains the same, the challenge continues to climb as you progress.

   If you enjoy logic puzzles Hexologic is absolutely worth it. It teaches you how to play effortlessly and then challenges you to look closely. If you take your time in each level you can work out a path to completion without any frustration. Eventually you’ll have to do some guessing which is all part of the fun as you discover that your prediction was correct. Hexologic stands out as the most interesting take on Sudoku, which places connected hexagons onto a grid instead of squares, making this way the combinations very tricky, but not impossible to be passed. Immerse into the beautiful world of Hexologic. Solve challenging and rewarding puzzles, listen to relaxing music, dive deep into the game’s atmosphere and fall in love with Sudoku all over again. If you get stuck into the game rely on the following video walkthrough of the game:

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