Hello Cats Level 1 Answer

Welcome to Hello Cats, the latest exciting addition to the puzzle games genre. The game is developed by Fastone Games and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. What could be better than cats to make trouble or to hide. Actually nothing can hide themselves better than them while Hello Cats enables you to reach them in each of the game’s levels with drawings and shapes made by your fingers. Draw the corresponding shapes and use the level’s surroundings to affect the cat’s standing position in order to succeed. Through the many levels of the game you’ll reveal new interesting devices as you progress through. The maximum,reward of three-stars depends totally on the number of moves used and the time wasted to fulfill each level. So what else are you waiting for? Get ready to reach the furry cute creatures and in case you get stuck in any of the levels of the game, rely on the following screenshotted walkthrough of Level 1 Answer:

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