Hay Day – Tips and Cheats

Hay Day Tips for Beginners

When you load up the game is basically like any other farming game, But Hay Day is ten times better. Do the basic stuff such as planting crops and so on, Follow the games instructions.

Gaining Experience

Once you finished the tutorial you want to focus on gaining experience first and nothing else. You will want to gain enough experience to get level 7 quickly as this will give you the option to access the Roadside shop. This will earn you quick and experience and some gold by taking orders with that fancy truck.

The Roadside Shop

This is your main source of income. Sell your items at a premium to other players for MORE gold! The best price for selling is usually about 75% of the max price and this would normally guarantee your items sell. For example you have 2 bacon and eggs and their max price is 250 gold, Sell it for 180 gold and these will be gone within a few hours.

Balancing Your Crops and Production

You will want to ensure you always have something growing, No point in wasting that tasty fertilised soil is there? Imagine if you were caught out having no ingredients to produce goods because you had nothing planted. As a general rule they say to keep at least 2 crops of each kind. Growing just 1 crop will always be multiplied by 2, So you will never run out of that crop. Though if for some reason you run out jump on over to one of your friends Roadside shop and purchase some.

Tom the Delivery Boy

Mr. Tom the delivery boy is a great addition to the game and is unlocked at level 14, He’ll help you when you need extra crops for production at an affordable price, Though there is a catch, you can only use him every 2 hours, Which isn’t really that bad if you are a daily player.

Levelling Up

Did you know when you level up in Hay Day you have a chance of getting 1 to 3 diamonds, Clearly you will want to aim for 3 diamonds.


Watching Trailers

Every now and then Hay Day will give you the option to watch trailers to gain extra gems. This is located near the post box on the floor, Click the letter. Advertisements aren’t fun, but for a little bit of time you can get free gems. They usually promote other games which in return you may be interested in.

Getting Diamonds

You can get diamonds by completing achievements. Some times, the treasure chest you find in your farm daily will give you diamonds as well.

Tips and Tricks

There are many cheats available in this game. One of the easiest tricks is to receive double the amount of usual coin and experience for completion of a boat order. For this cheat, you will need to quickly click on the check mark and hold that check mark down, when a boat comes into the dock and you get an order.

You will need to quickly click the X at the top once you let go the check mark. You will see that you have gained double the amount of usual coins and experience. However, bonuses are not doubled with this trick. Another disadvantage of this cheat is that it is not equally effective after some time. It works brilliantly for the first few tries.

Farm for Land Clearing, Building or Expansion Supplies

Now this one is a nifty trick to get duct tapes, saws and axes bombs quickly. Plant a lot of wheat on your fields as wheat dosen’t take to long to grow, in fact just 2 minutes, And the chances of getting supplies are much higher.


Finding a Toolbox on a Friend’s Farm, Helper’s or a Follower’s Farm

If the box found is closed, you need to tap on the screen. Do not tap on the X button. Now, you need to find the same toolbox on one of your friend’s farm. As long as you find an unlocked toolbox, you will be able to use all the tools which are kept inside this toolbox. With the help of these tools, the farming will keep running smoothly.

In case, the toolbox you found on your friends farm is not unlocked, you will need to keep trying until you find an unlocked toolbox. As long as you keep finding unlocked tool boxes, you can keep using the free tools found in the unlocked tool boxes.


Do Not Sell to Visitors Unless You Need Gold Fast

As it may seem tempting try not to sell to any of the visitors as they, well, are a damn rip off. Not unless your really need some gold, stay right away and sell in your Roadside shop for better premiums.

If you didn’t know you could also sell your excess stock to your friends and followers. If you have no clue of the sale price check out the newspapers to see the ongoing price. A good rule if you want to dump your stock fast is to sell the same thing in the newsletter at a 10% discount.

In case you do not have enough goods to sell, you have the ability to dump the order. The orders will keep coming and you may need to wait a few minutes for the next order but it will come. Each order also displays the money and experience you will earn. These figures are mentioned at the bottom.


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