Harry Potter Go Release Date and Latest News

We’ve got the latest news on the Harry Potter Go Release Date and what this means for Nintendo’s ‘Pokemon Go’. What are you waiting for? Keep reading. With the huge success of Pokemon Go there of course needs to be a follow up game and rumor suggest that it appears the creators of “Final Fantasy,” the Square Enix is being tagged in a rumor of battling against Niantec and Nintendo.

Harry Potter Go is set to dominate the app store market places with it’s ability to cast spells and much more as fears grow for Nintendo on whether it will still be superior to Harry Potter Go.

Rumors still surround whether or not this is actually a thing and if Nintendo is prepping themselves to be out done on their own game. What we do know is that a two-part production is  to be scheduled to occur on February 2018. As for the released dates for the franchise, the dates are December 3, 2017 to February 4, 2018. As for the release date of “Harry Potter Go,” there’s been no word, We can be certain that it will release in the new year for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices as well as Amazon devices. However to be sure follow us on Facebook to receive instant update on the release date.

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