Is Harry Potter Go a HOAX?!?!

With the ever growing rumors of the new Niantec game coming to light it’s surely a question that everyones asking. Is Harry Potter GO actually happening? This is an excellent question and we’ll dive deeper into the topic.

Harry Potter Go Gameplay

There’s rumor’s of Nintendo ramping up their baby ‘Pokemon Go’ as they try to compete with the new guy in town, Harry Potter GO. This suggest that Square Enix and Niantec are working together to create the next big thing, Harry Potter Go. This game will allow players to collect animals and creatures and as well create spells and much more. You’ll have to wait and find out what else is in store for us.

So far Harry Potter GO is very promising and is expected to release in the new year but this is still uncertain. Majority rules that this honestly will be the next craze and Nintendo need to be shaking in their boots right about now. What are your thoughts? Excited for Harry Potter GO? Tell us below!

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