The Hardest Quiz 2: Halloween Walkthrough Answers

Can’t get past a level on The Hardest Quiz 2: Halloween? Luckily we’ve solved all the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs to help you finish this addicting trivia game that’s fitting for halloween. Created by Icmobileapp79 and is available for download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, Android device or iPod Touches for free.

These levels can get extremely difficult whether it be testing your reflexes, crazy skills or logic you’ll need to ‘think’ outside the box to solve this game. Luckily we bring you the full The Hardest Quiz 2: Halloween Walkthrough to help you beat this quiz that claims to be impossible. Let’s jump into The Hardest Quiz 2 Answers, Cheats, Solutions and Walkthrough for all levels and pack for iOS and Android now.

The Hardest Quiz 2: Halloween Walkthrough:

1: Touch the ’N’ Twice, Be careful It flips
2: Your bath water
3: Touch black screen
4: Because it will be a foot long
5: The Left sun is correct
6: He sleeps only at night
7: The bigger house is closest
8: Bucket of Blue Paint
9: 3
10: QUICK! Pick up grandma and hold above the train
11: Cheese was
12: Touch the word ‘Bee’
13: Rabbit Farts
14: Penguin
15: ‘Cause pepper would make them sneeze
16: Drag Octagon and cigarette to make no Smoking sign
17: A retarted snowflake
18: Tap on phone twice
19: An investigator
20: Click the ‘Right’ door
21: Ground Beef
22: Touch the word ‘Difference’
23: A can’t opener
24: ‘Cause they have big fingers
25: Touch blue button 4 times, Wait..
26: ‘Cause they dead
27: Answer is 34
28: You Planet

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