Guess The Christmas Toys Gift Answers

Guess The Christmas Toys Gift for Boys and Girls Answers, Cheats and Solutions. Guess The Christmas Toys is a brand new game that’s created by Elin Lim, Who also brought us ‘Guess the Star Characters’ You can check out those answers here. However Guess The Christmas Toys Gift is a relatively short game is does feature some good favorites that we all know and love.

With most puzzle quiz games, These can get quite difficult and this is why we’ve created a list of all the Answers, Cheats and Solutions for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. Let’s Begin!

Guess The Christmas Toys Gift for Boys and Girls Answers:

Level 1: Doc Mcstuffins
Level 2: Lambie
Level 3: Barbie
Level 4: Shopkins
Level 5: Paw Patrol
Level 6: Jurassic World
Level 7: Iron Man
Level 8: Disney Princess
Level 9: Frozen
Level 10: Hello Kitty

Level 11: Minions
Level 12: Monster High
Level 13: Power Rangers
Level 14: Skylanders
Level 15: Star Wars
Level 16: Transformers
Level 17: Mlp
Level 18: Lego
Level 19: Hot Wheels
Level 20: Toy Story

Level 21: Pokemon
Level 22: Batman
Level 23: Spiderman
Level 24: Sesame Street
Level 25: Play Doh
Level 26: Avengers
Level 27: Equestria Girls
Level 28: Thomas Train
Level 29: Monopoly
Level 30: Uno

Level 31: Battleship
Level 32: Tamagotchi
Level 33: Care Bears
Level 34: Potato Head
Level 35: Furby
Level 36: Polly Pocket
Level 37: Rainbow Loom
Level 38: Blaze
Level 39: Angry Birds
Level 40: Cars

Level 41: Mickey Mouse
Level 42: Dora Explorer
Level 43: Peanuts
Level 44: Spongebob
Level 45: Tmnt
Level 46: Superman
Level 47: Sofia First
Level 48: Minecraft
Level 49: Tube Heroes
Level 50: Dr Seuss

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