All Guess The Hunger Games Edition Answers

All Guess The Hunger Games Edition Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all Levels and Packs. All Guess The Hunger Games Edition is created by ICON, LLC who also created All Guess the Sneaker and many other addicting trivia games that you most likely have on your device. Stuck on a particular level or all of the levels? We’ve got you covered with ALL 100 levels that are currently available in-game, What more can one person ask for?

Don’t have All Guess The Hunger Games Edition yet? Pick it up from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. What are we waiting for? You’re stuck and we’ve got the answers you need so let’s jump straight into the All Guess The Hunger Games Edition Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs now.

All Guess The Hunger Games Edition Answers:

Level 1: Katniss
Level 2: Peeta Mellark
Level 3: Cinna
Level 4: Rue
Level 5: Effie Trinket
Level 6: Gale Hawthorne
Level 7: Alma Coin
Level 8: Twill
Level 9: Finnick Odair
Level 10: Annie Cresta

Level 11: Enobaria
Level 12: Venia
Level 13: Vick Hawthorne
Level 14: Glimmer
Level 15: Jabberjay
Level 16: Seeder
Level 17: Pollux
Level 18: Mr Everdeen
Level 19: Celestia Snow
Level 20: Titus

Level 21: Peacekeepers
Level 22: Antonius
Level 23: Portia
Level 24: Avox
Level 25: Johanna Mason
Level 26: Thresh
Level 27: Beetee Latier
Level 28: Gloss
Level 29: Caesar
Level 30: Mrs Everdeen

Level 31: Atala
Level 32: Seneca Crane
Level 33: Posy Hawthorne
Level 34: Purnia
Level 35: Greasy Sae
Level 36: The Meadow
Level 37: Messalla
Level 38: Wiress
Level 39: Dr Aurelius
Level 40: Chaff

Level 41: The Hob
Level 42: Ripper
Level 43: Cashmere
Level 44: Leevy
Level 45: Morphlings
Level 46: Romulus Thread
Level 47: Darius
Level 48: Buttercup
Level 49: Fulvia Cardew
Level 50: Castor

Level 51: Woof
Level 52: Tigris
Level 53: Mrs Undersee
Level 54: Coriolanus Snow
Level 55: Delly
Level 56: Boggs
Level 57: Rory Hawthorne
Level 58: Egeria
Level 59: Haymitch
Level 60: Brutus

Level 61: Bonnie
Level 62: Flavius
Level 63: Tax
Level 64: Jackson
Level 65: Primrose
Level 66: Blight
Level 67: Foxface
Level 68: Cato
Level 69: Clove
Level 70: Bristel

Level 71: Lucia
Level 72: Hazelle
Level 73: Eddy
Level 74: The Seam
Level 75: Octavia
Level 76: Cecelia
Level 77: Mr Mellark
Level 78: Marvel
Level 79: The Fence
Level 80: Plutarch

Level 81: Cray
Level 82: Rooba
Level 83: Homes
Level 84: Claudius
Level 85: Cressida
Level 86: Lyme
Level 87: Paylor
Level 88: Mitchell
Level 89: Madge Undersee
Level 90: Martin

Level 91: Tracker Jacker
Level 92: Lavinia
Level 93: Mayor Undersee
Level 94: Mags
Level 95: Tesserae
Level 96: Dalton
Level 97: Panem
Level 98: Cornucopia
Level 99: Pod
Level 100: Gamemakers

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