Guardians Loot Crate Secret Order of The Key Answers (MAY 2017)

Secret Order of the Key for the Loot Crate Guardians Box from May 2017. Looking for the answers and solutions for the Guardians Secret Order of the Key? Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box packed full of interesting and quirky items. Some previous items included are Shirts, Figures and Badges. Whether you’re a fan or just starting we can all enjoy what the box has to offer. A new thing Loot Crate has added is called ‘Secret Order of the Keys’ in which this is included with every new box and it’s your job to solve the puzzles to unlock some special features on their website. Unlocking the puzzles can be the most challenging bit as this is why we’ve helped you out with the Loot Crate Guardians Secret Order of the Keys Walkthrough below.

SPOILER WARNING!! If you haven’t recived your box turn back now. This is only for people who want the answers and are struggling to continue. If you’re ready to get the answers and solutions then let’s dive into it.

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Guardians Loot Crate Secret Order of The Key Answers (MAY 2017)

Challenge 1: Iroh’s Advice

#1: Crosswords of destiny

Challenge 2: Rebel Alignment

#2: Built on Hope

Challenge 3: Target Practice

#3: Keystone Quadrant

Challenge 4: Speakers Words

#4: Ghosts and Guardians

Challenge 5: Goon Docks Plunderers

#5: Seven Thieving Heroes

Challenge 6: Fall of Iron

#6: Warmind

Prefer it in video form? Check out Disney Dan’s Walkthrough

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