Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Cheats and Tips

We’ve collected the best cheats, tips and tricks and walkthroughs from around the web and placed them in one spot, (below). If you haven’t already, Download the Grand Theft Auto Series from the iOS and Android App Stores and experience gaming like never before.  These are pricey games but are worth every cent. GTA San Andreas

Now I’m sure your here for the cheats and tips, Well fear not fellows. Below is the list we compiled and we hope you enjoy, Share if the list helped you in anyway. And if you have any other cheats or tips, Leave a comment and it will be featured with credit.


Quick Cash

If you are after some quick and easy cash, Save your game and head on down to the casino in China Town and bet as much money as you can. If you lose, Not to worry, Load your save game and try again. Lose it again? Rinse and Repeat. Doing with will get you in the rich list in no time.


Cops annoying? Lose them fast!

Cops keep bugging your daily murdering needs? Well get into a vehicle and simply use the pay ‘n’ spray. This will trick the police into thinking your someone else. (Old but good)


Free Body Armor

You’ll find free body armor available in the police station but don’t go in armed. Walking in with any sort of weapon in your hand will net you a Wanted star, making it a bit more difficult to pick up your armor.


Aim’s Lackin?

Visit any Ammu-nation and practice your aim on the shooting range, This is good fun and you will not get a wanted level.


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