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      Grab Lab is a 2D adventure puzzle game developed by DIGITAL MELODY. The game is placed in a cute pixelated world, where your mission is to tap on the screen of your device in order to fire your character’s arm and move towards that direction through the extended arm. You start out as professor who automatically wanders around the stage and challenges gravity by walking on walls, on the roof of the stage, and your goal is to find and go to the flask filled with the liquid that empowers the professors’ time machine. Your mission consists in collecting flasks while keeping your professor away from dangers and deadly traps.

     Every time you stretch your arm in order to pass into the opposite location, your hero will begin to walk into that direction from where you initially were. As you progress through the game you will be given opportunities to unlock new characters as well as modify genetically the two characters you previously unlocked in order to create something new and much improved. Grab Lab features over 30 characters for you to unlock and 100+ challenging levels for you to survive. This game is a nicely created mix of puzzle and arcade gaming. You can play it by using only one finger, to tap and begin flying into the direction which you demanded. Complete all the unique levels, from the simple ones to extremely advanced and hard.

    Grab Lab stands out as a really funny and entertaining game which presents a brand new gameplay by mixing puzzles with perfect timing. Within the game there are place many spikes, saws, lifts, levers and launchers, to make sure it won’t be not easy at all. The game gets hard, as it’s a demanding puzzle game which requires also speed and well-coordinated timing. If you get stuck between the 105 levels of the game, check out the following video walkthrough with the solutions to succeed in the game:

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