Geometry Dash Game Walkthrough

#1 in Arcade

        Geometry Dash is an adventurous arcade game developed by RobTop Games AB. The game’s are pretty while the gameplay stands very challenging and frustrating. You tap on the screen of your device to jump and you hold to jump repeatedly. Many surrounding objects will come out the way and the player’s main concern is right timing. Each level is filled with obstacles to avoid and if you touch any of the halt elements will cause your immediate death. If you fail you’ll start back in the beginning of the level. After beating a stage you’ll unlock new features which you can use to customize your character. There are no checkpoints, meaning that if you die you have to repeat level from the beginning. Although the levels are relatively short, where the largest part can be passed in less than 30 seconds.

      In Geometry Dash you jump and fly your way through the danger in a rhythmic, exiting platformer. The game will throw you in a cool challenge and will keep you coming back for more. You literally have to push your skills to the limit in order to continue your journey through the dangerous passages and sharp obstacles. The simple one-touch gameplay along with the many levels will keep you entertained for many hours.

     Geometry Dash even provides you with the ability to create your own level. You can post your level and make it available for the other players as well as you can play in some of the most craziest levels that many random talented creators have made. But first and last this game requires serious skills as you’ll get into more challenging levels. If you get stuck at a certain section of a level, you can continue to another one, whether it be one of the game’s levels or an uploaded one. The free version of Geometry Dash only lets you play a limited amount of levels and doesn’t allow you to create levels on your own. The full version of the game costs 2$ and in many point of views, they are totally worth it. Geometry Dash is a superb game that combines graphics, sound and difficulty in an impressive package.

Just in case, if you get stuck in the game watch the following video walkthrough and gameplay for the game:

Click on the following icons to download the full version of this exciting app:


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