Football Super Stars Trivia Quiz 2 Answers All Levels

Football Super Stars Trivia Quiz 2 Answers, Solutions and all Cheats for every level. If you’re having trouble completing a level or stuck on the whole game that use our walkthrough game guide below to get yourself free. Created by Ripon Biswas for both iOS and Android devices. Do You enjoy Football? And think you know a thing or two about Soccer? Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is in this new Football world trivia quiz which features hundreds of levels.

Im sure you own either an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device so that means you can head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and pick up this fun word trivia game for free. Then come back and use our walkthrough guide below which will help you with the answers, cheats and solutions to all the levels and packs in this game by Ripon Biswas.

Football Super Stars Trivia Quiz 2 Answers All Levels

Level 1: Hazard
Level 2: Neymar
Level 3: Ozil
Level 4: Messi
Level 5: Suarez
Level 6: Ronaldo
Level 7: Robben
Level 8: Muller
Level 9: Tevez
Level 10: Alves
Level 11: Sanchez
Level 12: Torres
Level 13: Lampard
Level 14: Gerrard
Level 15: Kaka
Level 16: Gotze
Level 17: Rooney
Level 18: Emmanuel
Level 19: Luiz
Level 20: Luka

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Football Super Stars Trivia Quiz 2 answers

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