FlipSwap iOS Game – App Review and Cheats

FlipSwap for iOS review and cheats. Have you checked out FlipSwap yet? Probably not as this is a brand spanking new game which will keep you on the edge of your seat as you get insanely frustrated as to why you cant get further then you want to. FlipSwap is created by Jose Junior and is currently available for Free download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

FlipSwap is one of those games which you can and will not put down as you’ll be glued to it trying to beat not only your score but others on the leaderboard. The idea of the game is that you are a ball which needs to collect as many gems as possible while trying not to touch the walls. How do you move I hear you ask, Well by tapping the screen, But don’t tap it to early as you will die nor will you want to tap it too late. This may sound easy but pick up the game yourself and tell us your thoughts below.

FlipSwap Highscore

Now what do you do with those gems collected through gameplay? Glad you asked, You are able to spend the gems on unlockable balls, Get pimping dem balls. Now what are you waiting for, Kill your boredom and stop manoeuvring around those pesky blue walls.

Whats your high score? Ours is 25, Comment below what yours is. Want someone to challenge while you play? Add me on Game Center: dylanando

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