Fixum for iOS and Android Walkthrough

Fixum for iOS and Android Walkthrough and Tips and Tricks. Fixum is created by James Porter and is an instant hit with its simple yet very addicting gameplay it definitely is a great game to waste away those hours while at work, Who even works now days? Fixum is the newest of the addictive puzzles games in which the objective is to switch or spin the patterned game tiles to match the solution design. Best bit? Its free. ‘Follow each map through 28 different episodes, with more than 20 game modes. Just when you think you’ve got this game figured out, try playing upside down or in the dark. Join us on this journey through 1400 unique levels with hand crafted designs. Can you master each of the game modes? Are you able to solve all 1400 puzzles? Improve your memory, mental flexibility, visual acuity, and spatial relativity skills with FIXUM!’

You can check out Fixum for both iOS and Android for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android enabled device which can be grabbed completely free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the walkthrough. We’ve videoed it for convenience 😉 Thanks us later.

Update: Yo, We’re still uploading so please bear with us, Tag some of your videos or other ones you find, It’ll help out everyone a lot. (Turn’s out you’re supposed to press the record button, We’re up to level 50, Doh!)

Fixum Walkthrough:

We’ve got them in a nice playlist, We’re uploading more soon.

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