Find a Way: Addictive Puzzle Full Game Walkthrough

     Find a Way: Addictive Puzzle is a simple minimalist puzzle game developed by Zero Logic Games. The app is only available on Android for the moment and all the Android user gamers around the world can get it without any payment. In Find a Way the player must connect all the dots on the field with one continuous line. While completing levels you have to avoid the squares as they always prevent you from completing the full line. The idea of the game is pretty basic and easy to understand. Just connect all dots on the screen with one-another. It won’t always be as easy as it sounds, as dots may be connected with vertical or horizontal lines while every dot can’t be used more than once, and as above mentioned, squares can’t squares must not be connected with the dots in any kind of situation.

      Find a Way is one of the best puzzle games that you will ever be able to download. This stimulating puzzle game is free to play, very simple, and enjoyable for all ages. With over 1,200+ challenging and addictive levels you’ll have to think over your actions and use all the necessary hints to succeed.

     The game features nice minimalistic graphics across over 1200 interesting and intriguing levels. The beautiful minimal design mixed with the soothing music will relax your brain, brighten your mind and develop your logical thinking for sure. The unique concept of Find a Way has a very simple premise, in where you are presented with a grid of dots and squares while you must connect all the dots together. You obviously must connect all the dots, whilst a dot can’t be connected twice nor can’t connect with squares.

      Even though Find a Way is free, it’s still supported by several ads. You can upgrade to Premium and turn off the ads to unlock the game’s full potential. The upgrade also involves 640 premium levels with gradually increasing difficulty. Sit and enjoy this addictive puzzle game while we are also providing you with the full walkthrough for all the levels of the game:

Click here to download the game for-free on Android:


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