Fill one-line puzzle game Full Walkthrough

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     Fill one-line puzzle game is a very popular puzzle game which is dominating the app charts recently. The game is developed by MagicAnt LLC and since its launch on May 16’ the amazing game has cultivated many gamers addicted to nicely created puzzlers. Fill one-line puzzle game has received a 4.5* star rating on the App Store so far and it seems that everything is going very well for the creators.

    The rules of the game are extremely simple, as you just need to fill all of the shown blocks at each stage by swiping your finger over all the blocks using only one line. Thus One-line puzzles are known mathematical problems with origins in the early 8th1 century. Mathematical thinking is said to increase work efficiency and prevent aging. Whether math is your strength or weakness, you need to make sure you’ve tried this game at least once. At once you’ll get hooked and you’ll won’t stop anymore. Your brain will become more active the more you play.

   The game features a total of 2,000 levels distributed in 4 difficulty levels. And surely the puzzles get harder as you go further. You can use the given hints for certain hard to solve puzzles as the hints are free and limited. Some of the levels may see quite hard, while others will be much easier. When you first start playing this game the ads won’t annoy you much but as you go up in levels you’ll see more and more of them. You can always decide to remove the ads for the price of 2.99$.

   Sharpen your mind with the connect-the-block-style one-line brain training puzzle game. A simple but addictive one-line puzzle game that’s completely free to play. If you get stuck in the game watch the following video walkthrough for all the levels of the game:

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