Farming Simulator 16 – Cheats, Tips and Review

Farming Simulator 16 has just hit the iTunes and Google Play
App Stores and its taking the farming fans by storm, Which
improved graphics and tons of detail improvements to all the
machinery. From selling your crops with the new dynamic
markets to now being able to be a lumberjack and harvest wood
with new dedicated machinery and being able to sell the
timber on the new marketplace. Get a friend together or play
with us and lets get FARMING!

Farming simulator 16 screen






With multiple releases prior to Farming Simulator 16, Each
and everyone of those games have brought tons of hours of
enjoyment and frustration as you plow your way through your
gigantic fields of wheat while surprisingly having the time of
your life while doing so. In this new version, Farming
Simulator 16 gives the player the ability to Plant, Grow,
Harvest and sell five different crops while at the same time
managing to raise cows and sheep and even sell timber. With
the ability to buy new fields and expand your farm to your
hearts consent, Theres much to enjoy while playing.

STOP! One of the coolest features is the new tractors and
other machines, As this is the latest in the series it offers
the BEST of agriculture simulation varying from over 20 brands
such as MAN, Lamborghini, Horsch, Krone, Amazone, Case IH,
New Holland and much more.

Our honest review, The game is a whole ton of fun but will
need a lot of your patience and plowing and harvesting and
certainly take your patience for granted. However the reason
why your purchased Farming Simulator 16 is for that exact
reason. If you enjoyed the previous series you will be
absolutely blown away from the new tractors and machines and
the ability to do so much more. However its on the pricey
side its totally worth it and is a great time waster. One
thing to note is that Farming Simulator 16 will drain your
battery like no tomorrow, CHARGE UP!

Want to pick it up? 

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GIANTS Software did not in anyway sponsor this review/guide
in anyway and all comments made are directly from us and our
experience with Farming Simulator 16.

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