Escaping the Prison Walkthrough All Levels

Escaping the Prison Walkthrough, Cheats and Answers for all levels and packs. Created by PuffballsUnited. We’ve solved and bring you a full walkthrough of all levels for iOS and Android to help you solve each and every Scene, Part, Stage and Chapters. We enjoy this trivia quiz game and we believe you would to. Available on PC and Mac or for download on iPad, iPod and iPhone as well as Android devices from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for free.

We enjoy this casual puzzle trivia game and we think you will to. The game puts you in a bank heist gone wrong as your latest one landed you in prison so it’s now time escape. You’ve recieved a ‘cake-package’ with some special items to help you escape. Make the right decisions and escape to become a free man. Choosing the wrong options may end in a tear or two.

Escaping the Prison All Medals Walkthrough:

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