Escape With Words Answers and Cheats All Levels

Stuck trying to solve the Escape With Words and getting no where? Luckily we’ve helped you out by completing all the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs. Escape With Words is a brand new style trivia game in which players need to unlock words that form a MASTER password, Sounds kinda fun huh?

You can check out Escape With Words from the the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices now for free. Are you ready to think fast? Keep Calm? and are you prepared? Let’s begin with the Escape With Words Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and cheats now.

Escape With Words Answers:

Level 1 – Push the Door
Level 2 – Ring the Bell
Level 3 – Move the Cube to the Left
Level 4 – Roll the Rock Away
Level 5 – Jump Over the Hole
Level 6 – Give the Bear a Lime
Level 7 – Drop the Purple Soap into the Little Well
Level 8 – Use an Axe to Free the Wooly Sheep from the Big Bad Wolf
Level 8 – Offer the Sad Hungry Wolf a Hot Carrot Pie
Level 9 – Kick the Old Trunk So The Tree Mother Fox Can Jump To Reach Her Child
Level 9 – Give the Sad Fox Some Young Fruity Lollipops
Level 10 – Feed the Hungry Alligator Some Ham to Cross the Cold River

Level 10 – Ride the Raft And Float to the Other Side of the Water
Level 11 – Step on the Green Tile to Lower the Bad Spikes
Level 12 – Give the Traveller Some Pink Bubblegum to Patch His Wagon
Level 12 – Lend The Rabbit a Compass and Set Him in the Right Direction
Level 13 – Toss a Lasso to Swing Over the Quicksand
Level 14 – Open the Locked Graveyard Gate to Free the Sad Ghost and Scare the Brown Bear
Level 14 – Server the Caretaker a Warm Hamburger to Help Him Relax
Level 15 – Plant a Red Flower to Keep the Dangerous Honeybees Busy
Level 16 – Shake the Tree to Get the Silver Key From the Black Bird
Level 17 – Repair the Old Broken Device Using the Metal Junk
Level 17 – Turn the Little Red Wheel Clockwise to Raise the Gray Platforms
Level 18 – The Red Lever is hiding Under the Third Hard Rock From the Left
Level 19 – Sound a Horn to Wake The Lazy Bunny Castle Bronze
Level 20 – Help the Bunny Rabbits Find the Tools Needed For Their Group Art Project
Level 20 – Give Them Some Paint Paper Crayons Rope Wood And Glitter
Level 20 – Help the People Make Banner Town New
Level 21 – Help the Old Engineer Find His Orange Wrench and Fix The Broken Clocktower
Level 21 – Improve the Tower by Placing a Big Heavy Gold Bell on The Roof
Level 21 – Set the Time on the New Clock to Twelve to Ring the Lunch Bell and Send the Carpenters Away
Level 22 – Call for Help and Save the Women Villian Wolf
Level 22 – Give the Two Bunny Knights Some Strong Rope To Tie The Cowboy Bandit With
Level 23 – Pay the Fruit Merchant One Gold Coin For his Broken Pineapple Cart
Level 23 – Collect a Secret Treasure Map From the Happy Explorer Rabbit as a Gift
Level 24 – Give The Red Mouse Some Cheese to Free the Old Haunted Home From the Bad Blue Ghost
Level 24 – Tell the Sad Spirit About the Friendly Bear’s Graveyard to the South so it Can Find Peace
Level 25 – Find the Lost Red Envelope Containing Old Governor Brown Bear’s Speech
Level 25 – Plug the Microphone into the Two Big Speakers and Turn the Volume Up
Level 25 – Take the Golden Ticket From the Town Leader as a Reward For Your Help
Level 25 – Drive Away Poor Bad

Level 26 – Pick Up the Magazine Toy Book Candy and Fruit and Put Them in The Blue Old Basket
Level 26 – Open The Front Door of the House For the Angry Woman and Let Out Her Pink Pet Monster
Level 27 – Help the Tired Rabbit Gardener Water the Dry Flower Bed
Level 27 – Make the Plants Healthy Using Fertilizer From the Green Sack
Level 27 – Take the Silver Key From the Happy Worker and Open the Gate
Level 28 – Try and Move the Hungry Animals From the Town Road
Level 28 – Ask the Blue Ghost to Help Quickly Move the Sheep
Level 28 – Give the Scared Farmer a Glass of Fresh Orange Juice and a Blanket
Level 29 – Show the Bear Knight the Gold Ticket you Received From the Governor
Level 29 – Try Convincing the Guard with a Coin. A Hamburger. Pizza. Bananas and French Fries
Level 29 – Heat the Fat Bear at One Quick Game of Rock Paper Scissors
Level 30 – Poke the Giant Orange Octopus with the Fluffy Soldier’s Iron Spear
Level 30 – Use a Metal Sticky Bubble Gum to Patch the Big Hole on the Super Submarine
Level 30 – Find His Helmet Suit and Oxygen Tank
Level 30 – Distract the Big Angry Monster with a Magazine So the Sea Explorer Can Escape

Level 31 – Call the Carpenter’s Two Lazy Partners
Level 31 – Give Them a Hammer. A Chainsaw. A Drill. A Wrench and a Screwdriver
Level 31 – Give Them Lumber Nails, Paint, Paper, Steel and Screws
Level 31 – Make the Small Boat for the Tuna Fisherman and give him a rod. Some Bait. A Bucket and Boots
Level 31 – Receive a Special Letter from the Happy Worker as a Gift
Level 32 – Put Together a Scarecrow Using Stick. Straw and Some Old Clothes from the Box
Level 32 – Blow a Loud Blue Horn to Scare Away the Hungry Birds
Level 32 – Give The Janitor a Mop Soap and a Pail With Water So he can Clean the Path
Level 33 – Fix the Broken Lever Using the Tools Machine Parts and Oil from the Large Ship
Level 33 – Call the Machine Lazy Sailor Using a Loud Instrument
Level 33 – Use the Lever to Load the Heavy Box on the Huge Ship
Level 33 – Receive One Shiny Gold Coin from the Traveler as a Gift

Level 34 – Turn On the Emergency Alarm to Call for Help
Level 34 – Help the Doctor and Nurse Mix the Medicine Using the Six Bottles
Level 34 – Cure the Sick Tiny Rabbit with the Potion
Level 34 – Work with Two Bunnies and Give Them Some Wood to Finish The Path
Level 35 – Show the Rabbit Captain the Carpenter’s Letter
Level 35 – Give the Sailor Gold and Silver to Pass
Level 36 – Gather the Broken Parts. Compass. Books and Plans
Level 36 – Create a New Telescope Using the Iron Pieces
Level 36 – Watch the Captain Get the Crew and the Ship Ready for Departure
Level 37 – Raise the Heavy Anchor and Tie the Boxes with Red Ropes

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