Escape Room Apartment 12 Walkthrough All Levels

Escape Room Apartment 12 (Doors and Floors Games) Walk Through, Answers and Cheats to all levels. We’ve solved each and every 16 levels, parts, chapters, levels and stages to bring you a full walkthrough for every possible combination. This game is created by Weiwei Huang and is available for iOS or Android devices. We enjoyed this fun puzzle trivia game as we think you would do.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page and you haven’t picked up this game yet than head on over to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device and download this fun game for free. This game is putting your thinking skills to the test as it’s your job to escape from the house by touching objects to figure out puzzles and much more.

Escape Room: Apartment 12 Walkthrough:

Escape Room: Apartment 12 Level 1

Just Unscrew the panel which is on the right of the room. Remember the Sequence: Green, White, Green, Green, Green, White and White.. Count the triangles in the pictures (5 1 20). Use Code.

Escape Room: Apartment 12 Level 2

Tap the bottles and remove the candle. Look at the squares that are on the table top and tap on the same square in the fridge panel. The bottles empty form the code 675. Open draw and take knife. Use your freshly acquired knife to take the ice cube. Place the ice into the pot and melt them. Remove key after turning stove off. Go into the cabinet using your key and whip out your candle to see inside, Tap the following code to open the drawer, 10, 3, 5 and 8. Take key and leave.

Escape Room: Apartment 12 Level 3

Remember the code 8369 in the bed cabinet. Use the previously mentioned code to open the right draw and take the towel. Use this towel on painting which is on the bed. Remember White, Black, White, Black, White, Black, White. Then remember this sequence after looking under the picture above the bed. 179, 365 and 842.

Escape Room: Apartment 12  Level 4

We’re working out the rest, Perhaps you could lend a hand?

Escape Room: Apartment 12  Level 5

Escape Room: Apartment 12  Level 6

Escape Room: Apartment 12  Level 7


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