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Emoji Quiz Mediaflex Phrases – Answers

Emoji Quiz by Mediaflex Phrases Answers, Cheats and Solutions. You’ve come to the right place for all your Emoji Quiz by Mediaflex Phrases answers as we both know how are these can get, From the cute Emojis taking your focus off guard to the frustrating word combos that are created. But don’t worry, We’ve got your back with all the latest and up to date answers so you don’t need to go anywhere else. All the other sites are spammy with ads or answers on individual pages, Aint nobody got time for dat. 

Lets begin with ALL the Answers, Cheats and Solutions for the Emoji Quiz by Mediaflex Phrases pack which is available in a free download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, Lets begin.

Emoji Quiz by Mediaflex Phrases Answers:

Level 1: Dead End
Level 2: TV Anchor
Level 3: Flashback
Level 4: Car Crash
Level 5: Big Apple
Level 6: Love Song
Level 7: Afternoon Tea
Level 8: Horse Power
Level 9: World Peace
Level 10: Heart Attack
Level 11: Family Tree
Level 12: Monkey Business
Level 13: Uptown Girl
Level 14: Time Up
Level 15: Air Guitar
Level 16: Rain or Shine
Level 17: Mad Hatter
Level 18: Dark Horse
Level 19: Star Gaze
Level 20: Love Story
Level 21: Smoking Gun
Level 22: Pokerface
Level 23: Heartbreak
Level 24: Beer Goggles
Level 25: Plane Sight
Level 26: Play By Ear
Level 27: Family Portrait
Level 28: Rocket Science
Level 29: Night Owl
Level 30: City of Angels
Level 31: Goodbye Kiss
Level 32: Lucky Star
Level 33: Color of Money
Level 34: Bear Fruit
Level 35: Cash Back
Level 36: Happy Birthday
Level 37: Cash Cow
Level 38: Paper Trail
Level 39: Cherry Red
Level 40: Tongue Twister
Level 41: Pen Pals
Level 42: Toilet Humor
Level 43: American Pie
Level 44: World Cup
Level 45: Trophy Wife
Level 46: Runaway Bride
Level 47: Photo Finish
Level 48: Perfect Storm
Level 49: Family Tie
Level 50: Positive Impact

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