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      Drolf is a mini golf style arcade game developed by Jon Reid. The game brings a fun take on two different concepts, drawing your obstacle and mini golf merged together. The player is given a predetermined amount of ink, which must be used to draw figures that would lead the golf ball into the hole. Besides that golfing is in the center of the game, Drolf is also a puzzle game. Drolf is unique golf puzzle game, with the simple aim of getting the ball in the hole. There’s not always a clear path though, so you’ll often must get pretty creative.

     Drolf is indeed a very unique approach to mini golf with its draw yourself style gaming. The game delivers a delightful gameplay that lets you draw figures according to your creativity. The ball moves perpetually, so it’s all about drawing the right figure with the proper angles so that the ball bounces right into the hole. Figure out how to get the ball into the hole and draw your own walls to make it possible.

     The game presents a total of 81 exciting levels shared between 9 unique level themes. Drolf displays a clean layout design, smooth transitions, sweet animations, a good use of a color palette and unmatched originality. The very simple gameplay and design, along with the warm color palettes produce an unbreakable gaming appetite. The game requires no tutorials or instructions to be play, as its simplistic concept and controls don’t require much explanation. Drolf is a remarkable golf puzzle game which uses a concept that has been seen or used before and adds a very unique twist to that concept that makes it way too original and entertaining.

If you get stuck into the game watch the following video walkthrough for all the levels of the game:

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