Double Cube: An Arcade Game – Tips And Tricks For High Score

Can you operate two unique cubes through a space shuttle?  This October, ‘Double Cube’ by Nanovation was released and successfully featured in most of the Appstore regions around the world. Actually, we are not surprised at all! Nanovation has rocked the Arcade game market with Slip Away.  It is impressive how the indie developer team Game Over Studio has entered the mob with their interesting ideas.

All you need is to jump and avoid the deadly obstacles. There are variations in speed and difficulties. So you need to think, adjust and react! But you also have to be quick! Here are some tips and tricks that you might want to check out.

1. Skins are just for show!

The customised skins look great with the edgy patterns and the vibrant colours. But you won’t get any special features or abilities. So if you are just digging big scores and don’t care about looks, skin customization is not for you!

2. Only Blues are your ally!


Some of the obstacles may look innocent. But trust me they are not! Just jump and save your heads. Only trust the Blues!

3. Don’t tap on the Tap | Tap only!


Many people assume the “ Tap | Tap “ portion as some button or stuff. But actually, it is just an instruction. The entire half sides of the screen are dedicated to each cube. You can tap anywhere on the screen to control the cubes. So, Footer Ads won’t cause problems in the gameplay anymore, right?

 4. Let the rolling cubes come to you!

The rolling red cubes are scary sometimes! They move in both directions to trick you all the time. You just need to stay calm and wait for it to come to you. Then you can cross it with ease.

5. Look Before You Leap!


Ah! Laser gates! There are the ones you jump over, and there are the ones where you do nothing! Yes! Some laser gates are there just to slide under them! It feels like pure evil when you are so into the game, and your natural reflex tells you to jump! Just look closely when you face them.

6. Immunity is short term!

The Immunity loosens the tension for a while, but not for long! With the blink of an eye, the thing is gone and BAM! Just don’t get lazy, keep an eye!

This game will keep you on your toes, deal with it! You will be teased, but you’ll love it for sure! If you haven’t tried it yet, download it from the app store right now!



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