Doodle God Blitz – Review and Cheats

Remember that fun addicting and free game back in the days? hmm… whats it called… Doodle God? Well there back and bigger than ever with the new game Doodle God Blitz. JoyBits the creators of the Doodle God series has released the new and improved version which you simply must try. 

Doodle God Blitz has over 150 Million fans worldwide and the reason for this is because Doodle God is simply addicting and the most fun you’ve had on a mobile device in ages. You are able to mix elements so that you can create different things for your own planet. Your even able to see your planet come to life as you play, Realtime world making stuff right there. If building is not your thing don’t worry as they’ve thought about you to, With the ability to do mini quests while in game.

Wondering where you can get Doodle God Blitz? Well glad you asked. Its available in the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android app stores and is FREE, However Doodle God does offer in-app purchases. Sucks, But they have to make a living to. So if you are after one of those ‘new’ games and/or want to show God a thing or to about creating Earth, Give Doodle God Blitz a go.

Cheats will be updated when available.

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