Dissembler Full Game Walkthrough

     Dissembler is a clever puzzle game about matching abstract figure designs one color at a time. The app is developed Ian MacLarty and it’s available on both iOS and Android, for the price of $2.99. Dissembler is not as easy as it sounds, yet not difficult either. It’s like a match-three game (Candy Crush-like and a dozen of other examples) except for the fact that no more tiles come to replace the ones you clear out,you must clear just the displayed tiles only by grouping the same-colored together three by three or more than that.

     Dissembler has three game modes: Puzzle , Daily, and Infinite. In Puzzle mode, players must go through a series of various designs, figuring out the correct sequence to make the matches (at least three or more) of tiles in order to clear them all. The Daily presents a new set of puzzles for each day, meaning something new to look forward to. The puzzles in these two modes start out simple enough, but they become more intriguing and complex as you go through, requiring some serious thinking and planning to assure no tiles will get left behind. Regarding the Infinite mode, it’s a bit different than the other two modes. Instead of dealing with single-colored squares, you’ll deal in squares with three colored rings over them, as they are all arranged plainly in a square grid. The different colors are for the outer, middle and inner rings. You’ll have to match the outer ring color first, where afterwards the middle rings will expand to fill the outer layer, so that the inner ring becomes the middle and a new colour will show up right in the center. The player has to make matches until there will be no more possible moves available. The infinite mode also involves a Relaxed and Hard format, from which you can chose the degree of difficulty that fits you the best.

     The animations in Dissembler are smooth and fluid. You’ll fall immediately in love with the simple and clean graphics, the charming music and the funny yet challenging gameplay. Dissembler has great minimal aesthetics and charming sounds and music. The pretty well designed game at first sight looks just like a 2D game, but with the added shadow effects, the way how the tiles flip, without forgetting even the funny-to listen clicking sound effects, Dissembler submits more layers of depth than you thought first. We must also appreciate the fact that the game includes no in-app purchases except for the initial purchase price of the app.

     With a total of 120+ puzzles you are free to experiment and undo as many moves as you want at any time without any penalty. It’s tough, it’s smart and its minimal art style will leave you impressed and hungry for more rounds. In the end Dissembler is by no means an easy game. Though mistakes aren’t fatal. There’s a rewind button that lets you go back once again at each level. If you get stuck into the game watch the following video walkthroughs of the game:

Levels 1-123 solved

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