Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road Cheats and Walkthrough

Disney Crossy Road is a reskin of the already popular and addicting game ‘Crossy Road’. Now this isn’t a knock off, Infact it’s created by the same guys who created the original ‘Hipster Whale’. This is where it gets fun, New game, New characters and of course a new challenge. What’s your highest score, Not only on the Disney edition but on the original, Post your replies below.

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Disney Crossy Road

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1. Play in Landscape mode

This is one of the most important tricks that you can use to increase your chances at doing way better at the game: playing in landscape mode allows you to see a lot more of the play field and makes it a lot easier for you to choose the perfect route to safety.

2. Tap behind your character
Even if you’re playing on an iPad, tapping in front of your character has the risk of you blocking the view with your hand, so learn to tap behind the character when you play. This is the best approach and you will see that it’s pretty easy once you get used with it.

3. Choose the characters in your favorite world
Each set of characters plays in a more or less different world. I personally hate to play in the Toy Story world, but I love to play in the Big Hero 6 World. Some are easier to go through, some are more difficult and even different types of obstacles are involved. Try to find the one you like the most and become its master – there’s no point in trying them all if you really want to be a pro!

4. Don’t be a camper
I know that there are times when you simply can’t move forward and you have to wait for the right time, but try not to wait for too long because the eagle is back and if you stand still for too long, it will come down and grab you to an early game over. Plan your moves and strategize as much as possible, but keep moving!

5. Learn to side-sweep!
Waiting on very slow vehicles or whatnot might prove to be deadly. If you face very slow moving vehicles or obstacles and you have space around you, start swiping to the sides: this way you will win time and move forward faster. Just make sure you have route!

6. Coins don’t matter that much
It’s true that you need them to unlock new characters – and there’s a ton of them available, but don’t always go for the coins. Some are too difficult to get to and some are just in dead ends. Instead focus on moving forward and get only the coins that you can easily get. The more you stay alive, the more chances you have at getting a ton of coins. Getting the game over message just for getting (or trying to get) one coin is not the way to go!

7. Time your jumps
There will always be openings on the road and you’ll be able to cover a huge distance in Disney Crossy Road by simply going into a straight line, so always look for these openings and patterns and go for it! Another good idea is to jump as close to the back of a vehicle as possible as this gives you the most time before another one comes. And even though it’s completely scary, sometimes you will have to navigate through the cars while on the road: if you master this, you’ll get really far! And it’s all about timing!

8. Don’t be afraid to go backwards
This works best when dealing with rivers, but on other occasions as well: you can go backwards and you should do so in order to stay alive. Don’t be afraid of doing it, as long as you can find an opening. As I said, this works best with rivers, where going backwards can actually help you move forward by jumping on a fast log that takes you to the other side of the screen, where you have an opening.”

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