Disaster Will Strike Game Walkthrough

       Disaster Will Strike is an inventive puzzle game developed by Yury Koshechkin. Disaster Will Strike gives you the power to control natural disasters, like using hurricanes, earthquakes and more, in order to wreck the angry little dinosaur eggs which you don’t want to hatch. Instead of the usual bombs and projectiles , you get to use mother nature itself to achieve your objective, starting from hurricanes, comets, and even bees attack. You will be equipped with a set of disasters to use for each level while you’ll have to economize and choose the right occurence for the right situation.

     The plot is very interesting with this smartly created puzzle: Given that all the dinosaurs across the world have turned evil, it’s up to you (as you’re supposed to be the universe in this case) to wipe off their eggs with a few well placed natural disasters that can destroy all of them. Disaster Will Strike is not hard at all. The game is quite funny and cracking some eggs it always gives you an enjoyable feeling. Regarding the visual style and gameplay, Disaster Will Strike resembles much with Angry Birds.

     In each stage, you’ve got a limited number of different types of disasters, such as earthquakes or floods, and you have to figure out how to use them and where to set off a chain reaction that will destroy the eggs by crushing them or dashing them against rocks. Earthquakes, for instance, need to be used on the ground, but will shatter any glass above it, while wind will blow any round objects around. Victory will ultimately be yours when all the eggs are ruined on the ground. Disaster Will Strike 3 is actually pretty clever. It’s not just mindlessly throwing down tornadoes and floods, since each level is set up in such a way that you actually need to figure out how to use your powers accordingly to get the eggs in place for their extinction.

    You will absolutely enjoy playing this unique challenge of natural battles with interesting challenging game levels. If you get stuck into the game watch the following video walkthrough of the game:

Click here to download the game for-free:


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