Dig A Way – Game Walkthrough (All Levels)

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Dig A Way is a new game available in the iTunes and Android App Stores for Free. Dig a way is a great fun game thats put a new twist on solving puzzles. Dig a Way is a beautifully presented app with amazing graphics and its your job to find the treasure. The controls are quite simple, You’re given 3 arrows, 1 left, 1 down and 1 right. These control your digger and tell it to move these ways. With over 70 levels we’re sure to not get bored. We’ll be uploading all walkthroughs of each levels as soon as we can. (Note: I missed a treasure chest on level 1 :/)


Dig A Way – Level 1 Walkthrough:


Dig A Way – Level 2 Walkthrough:


Dig A Way – Level 3 Walkthrough:

Dig A Way – Level 4 Walkthrough:

Dig A Way – Level 5 Walkthrough:

Dig A Way – Level 6 Walkthrough:

Dig A Way – Level 7 Walkthrough:

Dig A Way – Level 8 Walkthrough:

Other levels coming

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Comment(s) for “Dig A Way – Game Walkthrough (All Levels)”

  1. Mr.slime

    What do I do on level 4 if you know what to do please help me on the app dig a way.

  2. disqus_YlyJA8dre0

    Anybody finish level 11 on abdanoned mine. Need help please

    • mpttroy Moki

      Level 11 on abandoned mine….. Wait for the rocks to hit the bats they will fall and kill the rabbits. you’ll have just enough time to slip under them before you get crushed.

  3. Soothsayer

    How long till you complete all 72 levels?

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