Daily Word Workout Hexa Answers All Levels

Daily Word Workout Hexa Answers, Cheats, Solutions for all levels, packs and days. Created by Smart Up Inc for every iOS and Android device for free. Updated daily, We’ve solved all the levels, packs, puzzles and solutions to bring you a full walkthrough guide to all levels. Want to give your brain a daily boost? Check out this brand new brain trainer game that features 4 different modes/gameplays ranging from Standard, Hexa, Clue and Sayings with a new set of puzzles daily.

If you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device then head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now and pick up this game completely free. It’s your job to solve all the puzzles but how do you do it? Simply swipe across the correct letters to form the right word. The easy modes are fairly do-able but you’ll be needing all the help you can get with the Medium and Hard modes.

Daily Word Workout Hexa Answers All Levels

January 5th 2016 Answers:
Level 1 (Easy): TBA
Level 2 (Medium): TBA – Check back tomorrow
Level 3 (Hard): TBA

January 4th 2016 Answers:
Level 1 (Easy): Clown, Flag
Level 2 (Medium): Hut, Lamb, Sofa, Essay
Level 3 (Hard): Rescue, Spider, Internet

January 3rd 2016 Answers:
Level 1 (Easy): Honet, Diet
Level 2 (Medium): Corridor, Tent, Team
Level 3 (Hard): Forum, Snail, Ball, Secret

January 2nd 2016 Answers:
Level 1 (Easy): Lava, Swing
Level 2 (Medium): Gardener, Cough, Gap
Level 3 (Hard): Realm, Marriage, Mystery

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