Daily Word Workout 4th January 2016 Answers and Cheats for all levels and packs. Developed by Smart Up Inc for most Android and iOS devices completely free. Similar to their other games it’s your goal to solve the correct word/s by dragging your finger along the letters. With 3 difficulties between all the 4 puzzles daily. Check back on Appcheating.com to grab your daily answers.

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Daily Word Workout 4th January 2016 Answers

Daily Word Workout Standard January 4th 2016 Answers:
Level 1 (Easy): Tie, Orange
Level 2 (Medium): Wealth, Cue, Fur
Level 3 (Hard): Card, Chain, Fun, Fork

Daily Word Workout Hexa January 4th 2016 Answers:
Level 1 (Easy): Clown, Flag
Level 2 (Medium): Hut, Lamb, Sofa, Essay
Level 3 (Hard): Rescue, Spider, Internet

Daily Word Workout Clue January 4th 2016 Answers:
Level 1 (Easy): Seed, Mouse
Level 2 (Medium): Gum, Lollipop, Fudge
Level 3 (Hard): Bike, Trolley, Moped, Cart

Daily Word Workout Saying January 4th 2016 Answers:
Level 1 (Easy): Eat, Dirt
Level 2 (Medium): Sleep, Tight
Level 3 (Hard): The, Whole, Nine, Yards