Daily Celebrity Crossword Saturday December 31, 2016


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Daily Celebrity Crossword Saturday December 31, 2016 Answers



Atlas pages
Academic degree that generally requires a dissertation abbr

Tools for punching holes in belts
Double Stuf cookie
Restroom in England
Vamoose you pesky fly
A.A. Milne’s kid-lit bear who made his big screen debut in 1966 hyph
Tiny flying insect
Frisbee and Hula-Hoop toymaker hyph
Top-tier invitees hyph
Swedish store specializing in assemble-it-yourself furniture
Eagle on The Muppet Show
Award with a Best Female Athlete category
Tilt to the side
With 34 Across E.B. White’s kid-lit mouse who made his big-screen debut in 1999
See 32 Across
Taste ____ (comparison between two drink brands for example)
Competitor of Lyft
___ chi (Chinese martial art feautring slow motions)
Person who rides the rails
Paperless message
The Reys kid-lit monkey who made his big-screen debut in 20016 2 wds
Investments for one’s golden years abbr
ATM charge
Norwegian ____ (Beatles tune on Rubber Soul)
Fender issue that might be popped out by a mechanic
What the sun does at dusk


Cut as grass
Actress Graynor
Sharpie product
What a movie soundtrack contains
Defendant’s answer to a charge
Valuable piece of inside information 2 wds
Play-___ (modeling clay)
Paving material
Stop horse
Fruit of the ____ (underwear brand)
Arsty New York neighborhood
Prefix for state or section
Lamb’s mother
Helper abbr
The ____ Show With Stephen Colbert
Radio shock jock Don
South Park character who celebrates Hanukkah
Remainder from a torn ticket
Soul singer _____ James
Jai ____ (fast-moving sport)
Astrophysicist ____ deGrasse Tyson
Religious nonbeliever
_____ Adler (woman in Sherlock Holmes stories)
Ordered (around)
Yoko who helped endow Central Park’s Strawberry Fields memorial
Sounds from a cat
____ reflux (stomach problem)
____-Contra affair (1980s scandal)
Ripened like cheese
Weird thing seen in the sky abbr
Wade’s opponent in a 1973 Supreme Court case
Cat ___ your tongue?
Magazine bosses abbr

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