Cupcake Mania – Cheats, Walkthrough and Tips

Completed Candy Crush? And looking for more Saga games? Well we’re here to please. You can now download Cupcake Mania as a new match-three game for both iOS and android devices. If you play Candy Crush Saga you’ll surely get the hang of this one fast as the entire concept is the same. The goal here is to collect a specific number of orders of cupcakes and other tasty pastries which you need to organise by color. But of course its not that simple as you will be faced with obstacles as well as this will threaten your progress. But we don’t want this to happen especially if you are a first time player of this type of game. But thats why were here to help with the perfect strategy plan. Lets start.


Cupcake Mania Tip 1:

Earn gems through keys. In every level you are able to collect keys on each stage by completing quest. Not only will they earn you keys you will also earn bonuses such as gems, Buts that only if you complete the entire line of keys. Wanting more keys? Well go back to the previous stages and finish what you need to complete for the key quests. This is a great option as if you’re not able to complete the stage at the current time and want to get through many levels or finding it hard, Just come back in your free time, Will usually be easier the second time round.

Cupcake Mania Tip 2:

Comply with every pastry you need to match up. In every stage there is a set of pastries you need to clear out, And every pastry you include in a match it will be taken away from your order. For every match you complete you will get given a multiplier for each adjacent piece.You can complete the pieces with the multiplier first since once you make another match, those multipliers are gone and even the new ones can be made in the same way in the designated place.

Cupcake Mania Tip 3:

This is a great tip to go by when playing Cupcake Mania, Do not refill your life until it is not empty. Just like any other Saga match 3 game, you are able to play the game as long as you have lives. If you can complete it you can carry on but if you lose a stage you lose a life, Just like the other games your lives will replenish automatically over time, While you may use some cheats such as the time lapse glitch which we covered on the Candy Crush Saga Cheats but this is not recommended as this isn’t supporting the developer of Cupcake Mania. If you are in need of some gems you could try spending a few $ dollars on them. The trick here is not to purchase any refills unless you already consumed all your lives, As a refill costs the same amount no matter how many lives you have in your account. So to take advantage of this ensure you have zeros lives.

Cupcake Mania Tip 4:

A good tip to remember is when you match 4 or special pattern matches you activate special pieces in game. As you unlock the special pieces you will realise that each one does a different thing, Such as when you pop one up using a four piece match you are able to get a ‘Sugar Rush’. When using the Sugar rush by making a match over it, it will cause all pieces under the same type to have a multiplier added to them. Some other special tiles are ‘Sprink Shock’ and ‘Cupquake’ these will bring special features into the game. To get ‘Sprinkle Shock’ you will need to make either a T-pattern, L-pattern or a + pattern. This can clear out one row and one column instantly. As for ‘Cupquake’ you will need to match 5 pieces in a row and this clears out all the pieces under the same color as that combo you made.

Are you after the complete walkthrough of Cupcake Mania, Check this link out for detailed video walkthroughs on each level: Click here

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